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 感谢大家来到这里 同新郎新娘欢聚一堂Thank you for being here with us, with the groom and the bride.,在座的各位 来和我们一起跳舞吧Come and dance with us, everyone. Let's begin.,如同他们所说 拉雷多的女人美艳无双As they say, here we have the most beautiful women in Laredo.,-新婚快乐 丹尼 -谢谢你过来- Congratulations, Danny. -Thank you for coming.,新婚快乐Congratulations.,上次我看见丹尼的时候The last time I saw Danny,,他还在人行道上骑大轮子呢he was riding a big wheel down the sidewalk.,你能来对你姑姑来说很重要It means a lot to your tía that you're here.,-丘乔先生 -路易斯 你好- Don Chucho. - Luis, how are you?,你好 先生How are you, sir?,-哈维 -你好 路易斯- Javi. - Hey, Luis.,我们听说了你在哥伦比亚的事迹We heard about what you did in Colombia.,我们都特别为你骄傲We sure are proud of you.,-谢谢路易斯 祝你愉快 -你也是- Thanks, Luis. Have a good night. - You, too.,你好 帕科Hola, Paco.,拉雷多的人都来参加婚礼了Everyone in Laredo is at this thing.,我去去就回 老爹Be right back, Pops.,-给你 宝贝 拿住了吗 -真好吃- Here you go, sweetheart. You got that? - Yummy!,你好 罗琳Hey, Lorraine.,哈维 听说你回来了Javi. Heard you were back.,整个镇子都传开了I mean, the whole town's talking about it.,我休了个假I had some time off.,决定在这度假Decided to spend it here?,其实 我...Actually, I'm...,在戒烟trying to quit.,正在服用尼可戒Doing the Nicorette thing.,你看你 洗心革面了Look at you. A whole new man.,听我说 罗琳Listen, Lorraine...,我想说 我回想起一些事情I just wanted to say I've thought about things...,所有的一切我很抱歉and I'm real sorry about all of it.,你等了十年才跟我说抱歉You waited ten years to tell me you're sorry?,我知道我都做了什么I know what I did.,我当时...I was, um...,我错了It was wrong.,我很久之前就原谅你了 哈维I forgave you a long time ago, Javi.,事实上 我很感激The truth is, I'm grateful.,我得到了我想要的I ended up where I'm supposed to be.,也许我们都是如此Maybe we both did.,如果你没有闯进我的生命中然后又消失的话If you hadn't come into my life and disappeared from it,,什么都不会发生了none of that would have ever happened.,你能想象我们如果结了婚会怎样吗Can you imagine if we were actually married?,-给你 宝贝 -谢谢- Here you go, baby. - Thank you.,-你好 哈维 -兰迪- Hey, Jav. - Randy.,-你好吗 -很好 我就是...- How are you? - Good. Yeah, I just...,我就是想问候一下I just wanted to say Hi.,你饿吗You hungry?,你都长这么大了Oh, you are getting so big.,我知道你不喜欢大家都关注你 但是I know you didn't like it tonight, all the attention, but...,大家想要表示尊重而已folks want to pay their respects.,你是他们心目中的英雄You're a hero to them.,我不是英雄I'm not a hero.,你能跟我说说吗Will you tell me something?,你在那边怎么了What happened to you over there?,爸 我不知道 场面很难看Dad, I don't know. It got ugly.,可是你想回去But you want to go back?,你还是小孩子的时候When you were a kid, a little guy,,你满脑子想的就是离开这里all you wanted to do was get out of here,,去外面的世界out into the world.,可是结果你并不喜欢But you didn't like what you found.,许多人都不喜欢A lot of people don't.,但不要试着去改变它But don't try to change it.,它改变你倒是更有可能More likely, it'll change you.,就在这吧 是不是It was right here, wasn't it?,上次我们谈这个话题的时候The last time we had this conversation.,你那次也没听我的You didn't listen to me then, either.,是的Nope.,卡利So, Cali.,卡利Cali.,先生 给您Sir, here you are.,谢谢Thank you.,我不是英雄I'm not a hero.,抓捕埃斯科瓦尔的人当中倒是有一些英雄There were some in the hunt for Escobar.,事实上 有很多A lot, actually.,但是看着他们浴血奋战很难受But it's tough to see them through all the blood.,巴勃罗·埃斯科瓦尔的朋友,有时候要杀掉一个魔鬼To kill a monster,,你不得不跟另一个魔鬼同床共枕sometimes you have to get in bed with other monsters.,反抗组织,如果这让你感到惊讶 那就拿起一本历史书If that surprises you, pick up a history book.,受害者反抗组织,我们就是这么做的It's what we do.,敌人的敌人 在成为我的敌人之前The enemy of my enemy is my friend,,就是我的朋友until he becomes my enemy again.,这些事情发生的时候 愿上帝保佑他们When that happens, God help them.,巴勃罗倒下的那天The day Pablo went down,,卡利集团成了头号公敌the Cali cartel became Public Enemy Number One.,而他们帮助我们扳倒巴勃罗的事实也于事无补And the fact that they helped us bring him down didn't mean shit.,许多观察员都畏惧哥伦比亚的另一个大集团Many observers fear Colombia's other large cartel,,卡利集团the Cali cartel,,会提高他们的毒品产量will now simply step up its own drug production.,事实也是如此And that's exactly what happened.,当整个世界都在关注埃斯科瓦尔的时候While the world was focused on Escobar,,卡利的经营成指数倍增长Cali's operations had grown exponentially,,美国总统轮船公司,尽一切可能与对手区别开来differing from their rival in every possible way.,巴勃罗在麦德林寻求Where Pablo sought the,麦德林民众的爱戴与保护的时候love and protection of the masses of Medellin,,这些家伙跟哥伦比亚的精英们勾肩搭背these guys rubbed shoulders with Colombia's elite.
    称自己为"卡利绅士"and called themselves "The Gentlemen of Cali.",埃斯科瓦尔苛求闪光灯的时候And whereas Escobar craved the spotlight,,这帮家伙就待在阴影里these guys stayed in the shadows,,高筑墙 广积粮perfecting the game,,在墨西哥 欧洲building complex smuggling,以及远东地区建立起and distribution networks through Mexico,,复杂的走私分销网络Europe, and the Far East,,却不留下任何痕迹without leaving so much as a fingerprint.,就连为他们工作的人都不知道Even the people working for them didn't know,自己搬运的是卡利的毒品it was Cali coke they were moving.,明明就是个可卡因股份有限公司It was fucking Cocaine, Incorporated.,而且被他们经营得像世界500强似的And they ran it like a Fortune 500 company.,好了 言归正传So, without further ado,,来见一见卡利集团的管理层meet the management team of the Cali cartel:,巴丘·埃雷拉 负责管理分销及安保Pacho Herrera, head of distribution and security.,你好Hello.,他带着一群唯命是从的He led a team of young psychopaths,小神经病who would do anything he asked.,什么事Yes. What's up?,查普·圣克鲁兹-朗多尼奥Chepe Santacruz-Londoño.,来看看Let's see.,和罗德里格斯兄弟一起长大Grew up with the Rodríguez brothers.,掌管美国的业务He was in charge of U.S. Operations,管着卡利的宝冠之珠 纽约市and responsible for Cali's crown jewel: New York City.,实际上他住在那里 当然是以化名He actually lived there, under an assumed name, of course.,卡利集团二号人物是行动指挥官 米格尔·罗德里格斯Cartel's number two was operations chief: Miguel Rodríguez.,帕尔米拉警局主管Palmira's police superintendent.,我们不是解决他了吗Didn't we just take care of him?,-我说的是新的那个 阿朗戈 -多少钱- I'm talking about the new one, Arango. - How much?,-要给两万吗 -不- Should I put $20,000? - No.,一万七Put 17.,-一万七 -是的- Seventeen? - Yes.,米格尔监督所有进账的钱Miguel watched over all the money coming in,,和拿去行贿的钱and what bribes they were paying out.,最后 集团总裁And last but not least, cartel CEO,,全局掌控者 吉尔伯托·罗德里格斯the man with the plan: Gilberto Rodríguez.,他们叫他"下棋的人"They called him the Chess Player,,因为他总是先一步行动的人because he was always one move ahead.,他们是走私进化的顶峰They were the pinnacle of trafficking evolution.,毒贩中的大佬Apex drug dealers.,位居第二让他们悄悄成长为And being number two allowed them to quietly grow,史上最大的可卡因集团into the biggest cocaine cartel in history.,除了现在 这都结束了Except now, that was over.,现在占据我们精力的人死了Now that the guy that occupied our attention was gone,,他们迅速到了第一位they were number one with a fucking bullet.,可卡因集团 新毒品之王,没有什么棋招能让他们逃脱And there was no chess move that would get them out of it.,但我乐于见到他们尝试But I was looking forward to seeing them try.,安德森 都搬到左边Anderson! Move all that over to the left.,桌子挨得太近了The tables are too close together.,你今晚打算说些什么吗Are you planning on saying anything tonight?,不打算No.,我代表我俩讲话I'll speak for the both of us.,-你和北山谷的人谈了吗 -谈了- Did you talk to the North Valley people? - Yes.,结果呢And?,他们说了以为我想听的They said what they thought I wanted to hear.,但今晚声明之后 我们就会知道真相But tonight, after the announcement, we'll know the truth.,你比鲁兹姑妈还迷信You're more superstitious than Aunt Luz.,老大Hey, boss.,都准备好了吗Is everything ready?,是的Yes, sir.,用了整晚 但准备好了 老大It took all night, but... it's ready, sir.,你应付得了 你还年轻You can handle it, you're young.,我们要见科尔多瓦We're meeting Córdova.,他想过一遍行动计划He wants to go over the game plan.,今晚大行动吗Big night tonight, right?,很多人Lots of company.,先生们 开门见山Gentlemen. Let's start with the obvious.,今晚很重要Tonight is fucking important.,罗德里格斯兄弟还从没The Rodríguez brothers never...,在一个地方召集过手下的人gather members of their organization in one place.,从没 但今晚 他们要这么做That simply never happens. But tonight, they're going to do it.,所以我们要警惕起来So we have to be sharp.,-脑袋后面也长着眼睛 -遵命- Eyes in the back of the head, understood? - Yes, sir.,-荷西 -注意点- Jorge. - Stay focused.,保持联络Stay on the radio. Communicate.,今晚是他最后的行动Tonight is his last operation.,他要离开我们去做花哨的商人He's leaving us to become a fancy businessman.,让我们留个好印象Let's leave a good impression.,也许他将来会雇我们Maybe he'll hire us one day.,出发Let's go.,你觉得吉尔伯托今晚会说什么What do you think Gilberto is going to announce tonight?,我觉得是进入亚洲市场I think it's a move into the Asian market.,不知道I have no idea.,周五之后 这就不是我的问题了After Friday, it's not my problem.,你真要走吗Are you really leaving?,我答应过宝拉I promised Paola.,我每天都答应我老婆很多事 兄弟I promise things to my wife every day, brother.,放轻松 你会找到别人让你变好Relax, you'll find someone else to make you look good.,希望吧 兄弟I hope so, buddy.,因为现在我被一群混蛋包围着Because right now, I'm surrounded by a bunch of assholes.,恭喜晋升 长官Congratulations on the promotion, sir.,再说一遍你做什么Tell me what you do again.,我是副国家专员 还是你的司机I'm the deputy country attaché. I'll also be your driver.,我自己开车I drive myself.,你是这里的大人物You know, you're kind of a big deal around here.,埃斯科瓦尔死后Since Escobar.,-凯蒂 -早上好- Katie. - Good morning.,长官 我能问一句吗Sir, can I ask?,埃斯科瓦尔什么样What was Escobar like?,从没见过他Never met him.,卡利集团......

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