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 小心点 你已经弄坏过一个了Careful. You already lost one.,很好Good.,-麻烦各位快点 -是- Faster, gentlemen, please. - Yes, sir.,怎么样How's it coming?,太他妈的棒了This is fucking cool.,我怎么跟你说的 混蛋What did I tell you, motherfucker?,别再乱搞了Stop fucking around.,氯气,我不想整个晚上都在这里 明白吗I don't want to be here all night. Understood?,是的 没什么事Yes, it's all good.,快点Let's go.,他妈的白痴Fucking idiot.,我父亲干了二十年这个 我只干了六个月My dad had 20 years in this shit. I only have six months.,那就全力以赴 贱人Pedal to the metal then, bitch.,这个东西我们还得倒多少罐How many of these things do we have to empty?,你想赚多少钱How much fucking money do you want to make?,很多A fucking lot.,在鼎盛时期 卡利贩毒集团In its prime, the Cali cartel,每个月向美国运送三十吨的可卡因was moving 30 tons of coke a month into America...,大部分是通过他们在纽约的组织most of it through their New York operation,和与他们联盟的华雷斯毒贩and an alliance with Mexican traffickers out of Jurez,后者将数吨货物运过我们的边境that brought tons of product across our border.,这就是说平均每六个月That means that in an average six-month period,,他们能把180吨投放街头市场they could put 180 tons on the street.,但这事谈不上平均But there was nothing average about this.,这是卡利贩毒集团的最后六个月These were the last six months in the life of the Cali cartel.,他们志在必得 确保万无一失They were going for it, making sure there were no loose ends.,萨拉萨夫人Mrs. Salazar?,萨拉萨夫人 我是打扫房间的Mrs. Salazar, housekeeping.,-请等一会儿再过来 -好的- Come back later, please. - As you wish.,如果你想把事情办成If you want something done right...,你就得亲力亲为you have to do it yourself.,跟生活一样 吉尔伯托先生Just like in life, Don Gilberto.,如果你不参与 就只能看着别人成功If you don't play, you're going to watch others score.,我的组织有四个合伙人My organization has four partners,,但只有一个老大but only one leader.,我跟你会面I wanted to meet with you,是想确保在北山谷的重建和清理门户to make sure there are no misunderstandings in the North Valley,过程中没有任何的误会regarding the restructuring, and the necessary house cleaning.,不 我们只是为克劳迪奥·萨拉萨的缺席感到好奇No, we were simply curious about Claudio Salazar's absence.,跟你说实话吧I will be honest with you.,萨拉萨一点贡献都没有Salazar never contributed a thing.,他从来没带来过工作机会He never gave anyone work.,他惹的麻烦比赚的钱还多He made more noise than money.,更准确地说 太多麻烦了Better said, too much noise.,我们按计划推进We are moving forward with the plan,,我们想知道朋友们是不是同意and we would like to know if our friends are in agreement.,你关于投降的信息很清楚Your message about the surrender was very clear,,我们北山谷的所有人都明白了and was very well received by all of us in the North Valley.,回家一路顺风Have a safe trip home.,艾纳尔 感谢你的友谊Henao... thank you for your friendship.,失陪Excuse me.,巴丘Pacho,巴丘Pacho,让我们利用这个机会把利润最大化吧Let's take advantage of this window to maximize our profits.,我想将我们对墨西哥的输出翻倍I'd like to double our output through Mexico.,不如你到那边去Why don't you go there?,跟卡里略·富恩特斯见个面 他喜欢你Meet with Carrillo Fuentes. He likes you.,最后再干一票Make one last deal.,我们都知道那不是你派我去的唯一原因We both know that isn't the only reason you're sending me there.,瞧 巴丘Look, Pacho...,我觉得你最好离开卡利一段时间I think it would be best if you left Cali for a bit...,等事态平息下来while things cool off.,记住 巴丘 我们Remember, Pacho, we're,将会带着快乐和财富离开going to walk away from this happy and rich.,就像我说的 他们志在必得Like I said, they were going for it.,当他们在赚退休金时While they were building up their retirement accounts,,我们在做什么what were we doing about it?,屁都没有Jack shit.,缉毒局在卡利做什么,我不想你们去碰这个 先生们I don't want to rub your noses in that, gentlemen.,我的考虑是 你们在卡利的人My concern is that your men in Cali,并没有联系我在那里的高级军官didn't so much as contact my senior officer there.,我们达成过共识We've agreed that we can't,不能有那种单边行动have those kinds of unilateral operations.,必须尊重我们的法律规定Our laws, our rules, will be respected.,当然 将军Of course, General.,我们为造成的误会道歉We apologize for the misunderstanding.,不会有下一次了Won't happen again.,抱歉 但我不只需要你们的保证Well, I'm sorry, but I will need more than your assurances.,上校Colonel.,潘那探员Agent Peña.,你儿子怎么样How's your son?,他很好Oh, he's fine.,他被调到技术服务部门了 那儿更适合他He got transferred to technical services. Better fit for him.,也许我应该跟他一起Maybe I should join him.,最近警察没什么事忙Not a lot of police work these days.,是啊Yeah.,你有什么期望What did you expect?,当你向魔鬼出卖了自己的灵魂When you sell your soul to the devil,,就没资格将灵魂收回了you're not allowed to ask for it back.,那些放反抗组织的人The men who let loose,出哥伦比亚的人应该被逮捕Los Pepes on Colombia should have been arrested.,然而 他们却被升职了Instead, they got promoted.,失陪Excuse me.,他在那儿There he is.,哈维尔·潘那 革命领袖Javi Peña, el jefe.,没想到我能看到这天Never thought I'd see the day,.
    但我非常确定现在见到你我很高兴but I'm sure as shit glad to see you now.,-达菲 好久不见 -是啊- Duff, it's been a long time. - Mm-hmm.,-洛佩兹 -你好- Lopez. - Hey.,还是不敢相信你们两个是同班同学Still can't believe you two were in the same class.,这个地方还没倒真是奇迹啊 对吗Miracle this place is still standing, huh?,一些烂事 对吗 哈维尔Some bullshit, huh, Javi?,拜托 你要对我们扮演"坏警官"吗Come on. Is this where you go all Bad Lieutenant on us?,-你跟墨菲都没做到 -是啊- Like you and Murphy were never made? - Yeah.,你们很有名You guys are famous.,风水轮流转啊Sometimes you get them, sometimes they get you, huh?,下一次 转到我们这Next time, we get them.,不会有下一次了 他们包围你们老巢了There isn't gonna be a next time. They're rotating you home.,哥伦比亚人在查你们的签证 你们今晚就走The Colombians are pulling your visa. You're outta here tonight.,拜托Come on.,在这谁说了算Who's running things here, man?,他们They are.,谢谢你帮我们 长官Well, thanks for getting our back, sir.,你不想生在这个年代吗 看看Wouldn't you have liked to be born in this era? Take a look.,-像不像考卡河 -一模一样- Just like the Cauca River, right? - Identical.,爸 咱们跟政府那边怎么样了Dad, where are we with the government?,他们接受投降之前They won't let us use the drug stores,不让我们把药店as collateral for the Centenario Property,作为森特纳里乌产业的担保until they're cleared through surrender.,我知道 但最终他们还是会同意的I know, but eventually they will be.,你只能告诉我这些吗And that's all you can tell me?,规矩你都懂You know the rule.,你不能参与其中You can't be a part of this.,我送你去读法学院I didn't send you to law school,可不是让你担心我们的投降so you could worry about our surrender.,都已经策划好了That's been planned.,我是为了让你在搞定这事之后I sent you to take advantage of what happens after it's done,,把握我们家族成为业界霸主的时机when our family is a leader in the business community.,你又读这个了You're reading it again?,你应该时常读一读You should read it once in a while.,至理名言Wise words.,先生 抱歉打扰Sir. I'm sorry to interrupt.,我们在首都的朋友给您来电话了You have a call from our friend in the capital.,卡利云博地区神秘气体泄漏Four people, including three children,,导致四人丧生are dead and thousands more injured,其中包括三名儿童 数千民众受伤in a mysterious gas leak in the area of Yumbo in Cali.,调查员在事故现场Investigators are at the scene of the incident,,但至今尚未发现气体泄漏的来源but have not yet discovered the source of the gas leak.,州政府官员告诉当地居民State officials told residents,将会对此展开正式调查there will be a formal investigation.,西尔维奥Silvio.,能给我根烟吗Can I bum a smoke?,是不是很危险Isn't it dangerous?,这是有史以来最危险的No more than it ever was.,如果是自然气体泄漏的话If it was a natural gas leak,,我希望在点烟之前就知道答案I want to know before lighting up.,除非不是Unless it's not.,我觉得你应该跟队长聊聊 卡罗琳娜I think you should talk to the captain, Carolina.,他没胆量跟我说话He doesn't have the balls to talk to me.,西尔维奥 帮帮忙 你也有孩子Silvio, help me out. You have kids.,不公开Off the record.,我不知道 卡罗琳娜I don't know, Carolina.,你去跟他谈谈吧Why don't you talk to him?,他是这个区的安全督察He is the district safety inspector.,由他发布报告 你还是问问他的看法吧He'll issue the report. Why don't you ask him for a comment?,西尔维奥Silvio!,失陪Excuse me.,抬的时候小心点Careful picking it up.,抬起来 小心 抓住另一边Lift it up. Careful. Grab the other side.,很好 再抬点That's good. A little bit more.,如果他们把这事跟我们联系起来If they connect us to this,,我们的朋友就会怀疑是政府在照顾我们的生意our friend doubts the government will honor our deal.,那我们看上去就跟滥杀妇女和儿童的We'll be seen as no different than Escobar,,埃斯科瓦尔没有任何区别killing women and children.,数月来谈判和付出的钱全都打了水漂Months of negotiations and money down the drain.,就跟你们这帮蠢货投的毒一样Just like the poison you monkeys dumped.,云博那有个记者问问题了There's a reporter asking questions in Yumbo.,安全督查负责这项调查This safety inspector in charge of the investigation.,我倒是不担心那个记者 记者我们多得是I wouldn't worry about the reporter. We have lots of reporters.,但是政府的调查员 要是那个混蛋...But a government investigator! If the motherfucker goes...,爸 这事交给我吧 我说过我能搞定Dad, let me take care of it. I said I would handle it.,你的表现很明显证明你搞不定You've demonstrated very clearly that you can't handle it.,交给你了 不留痕迹Take care of it. Discreetly.,不许使用任何暴力 这是我们的底线Without any violence. That's the last thing we need.,怎么 你有别的好主意吗What? You have another bright idea?,这就是我不想让咱们的孩子涉足生意的原因That's why I didn't want our children in the business.,我们犯了个错误 吉尔伯托We made a mistake, Gilberto.,放手 转身 跑Let go. Turn. Run.,你得放放线 别碰到奶奶You need to let out some string. Careful with Grandma.,你看You see?,这是卧室This is the bedroom.,不 抱歉 爸No, sorry, Dad.,-不 这是客厅 -客厅- No, this is the living room. - The living room.,挺大啊 荷西It's big, Jorge.,这是游泳池And the pool will go here.,那是厨房And there, the kitchen.,看And look...,就在前面那 我要弄一个按摩浴缸Right in front there, I'm putting in a jacuzzi.,按摩浴缸A jacuzzi?,我一直以为你兄弟会把房子...I always thought your brother would have...,建在山上the house on the hill.,你们一直沉溺于你们的工程理念之中You were just always lost in your engineering ideas.,上一个是什么来着What was the last one?,生物柴油Bio-diesel.,生物柴油Bio-diesel.,植物燃气Vegetable gas?,是的 转化的Yes, that's right. Well, conversion.,很好Very good.......

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