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 每日鲜鸡,请注意Please, pay attention!,请大家把你们的手机I need you to put your cell phones,,传呼机 对讲机都放到盒子里beepers, and radios in the container.,有这个必要吗 潘那探员Is this necessary, Agent Pe?a?,恐怕是的 队长I'm afraid so, Captain.,请交给我Please. I'll take that.,我的人告诉我 你的人里One of my guys says one of your guys,有人给贩毒集团效力is working for the cartel.,他们有证据吗They have any proof?,还不好说Can't say yet.,但如果被他们抢先一步But this warrant will be hard to execute,那这张搜查令就很难执行了if they're one step ahead.,有备无患嘛It's just a precaution.,-谢谢 -不客气- Gracias. - Okay.,接下来三小时 我们都要静默行动For the next three hours, we'll be running silent.,-我和我的同事领队 -目标是- My colleagues and I will take the lead. - And the target?,我只能说都照你们训练的来I'll just say that it's everything you've trained for.,我们是顾问 我们通力合作 一如往常We're advisors. We work together, same as always.,功劳都是你们的Credit's all yours.,兄弟们都听到了 我希望大家严肃对待Gentlemen, you heard! I need you to be tight and right.,-明白吗 -明白- Understood? - Yes, sir!,出发吧Let's go.,向您说明一下 队长In case you're confused, Capitain,,能让我从波哥大千里迢迢赶来的I wouldn't have come all the way from Bogota,只有大案if it wasn't a big deal.,我的人的安危 这是我在意的My men's safety. That's what I care about.,如果事态失控 我会叫停行动I make the final call if anything feels off.,明白吗You follow?,我的孩子在我这次卧底行动前给我的My kid gave it to me right before I went out on this buy-bust.,有只狗[牙买加人]要咬我但没咬到 所以...Some Jamaican took a rip at me, missed by that much, so...,我就一直把它当护身符带着I rub it for luck ever since.,我们来这里做什么So, what are we doing here?,我们要逮捕卡利的一位教父We're arresting one of the godfathers of Cali.,伴随着第十街民众的喝彩Applauded by the multitude present on 10th street,,现任总统欧内斯托·桑佩·皮萨诺president-elect Ernesto Samper Pizano,感受到了哥伦比亚人民的热烈欢迎is welcomed by the people of Colombia...,我不太信任吉尔伯托·罗德里格斯I don't give Gilberto Rodriguez credit for much,,但我别无他法but I have to hand it to him...,他是个有掌控力的人...he was a man in control.,起得真早It's too early.,我早起 与日同升I rise early. I'm up with the sun.,"朝起蓬勃"Up all right!,他娶了三个老婆He was married to three women.,同时At the same time.,他对待她们就像对待他的生意一样And he managed them the same way he ran his business.,精确安排到分钟Scheduled down to the minute.,三夫人是周一和周二Wife number three got him Monday and Tuesday.,好啊Hi!,怎么样 宝贝How did it go, honey?,好极了 多好看啊Very good! Look, what a beauty.,二夫人Number two...,是周三和周四got him Wednesday and Thursday., 剧终,大夫人则是周五和周六And wife number one got him on Friday and Saturday.,看这个传球 射门Look at that pass. Goal!,该死 这什么垃圾防守 废物Damn it, what sort of defense is that? Piece of shit!,我付你薪水的I'm paying your fucking salaries!,周日则是给足球的Sundays were for football.,如果夫人们想来都可以来All the wives were invited if they wanted to come.,她们通常都会来They usually did.,谢谢Thank you.,她们相处很融洽And they all got along.,都是说好的That was the deal.,他做到了 他坚持如此And he made it work. He insisted on it.,相较于树敌 他更多是交了朋友He made far more friends than enemies.,我可以帮你们拓宽业务I can help you expand your businesses...,他仰仗这些朋友来保护他And he would count on those friends to protect him.,我可以帮你们赚千百万I could help you make millions.,他收山也该如他计划得那样His retirement was going to go his way, too.,他不会惨死在某个肮脏的屋顶上He wasn't going to die on some shitty rooftop.,没人在他背后捅刀 也没人会逼他出局Nobody was stabbing him in the back, nobody forcing him out.,如我所说 他是个有掌控力的人Like I said, he was a man in control.,一个在人生中从没走错任何一步的人The guy who never made a wrong move in his life.,一个一砖一瓦搭建起亿万帝国的人A guy who built a billion-dollar empire, brick by brick.,一个掌控城里所有警察的人A guy who owned every cop in town.,一个口袋里装着免死金牌A guy with a get-out-of-jail-free card,绝不会入狱的人burning a hole in his pocket.,而你想抓他 呸And you want to go after him? Shit.,你一定是又疯又傻You'd have to be crazy, stupid,,与此同时又勇敢而幸运brave, and lucky all at the same time.,两队分别跟卡尔德隆和我Two units: Calderon's and mine.,一队在这 二队在这Breach one here. Breach two... here.,菲斯多和范尼斯去泳池 你们从后面包抄Feistl, Van Ness: pool. You come in from the back.,-好 我们行动吧 -好- All right, let's do this already. - Okay.,如果谁杀了教父 我就杀了他If anyone kills the godfather, I kill you.,不能让埃斯科瓦尔的事重演 我要活捉他We can't repeat what happened with Escobar. I want him alive.,明白吗Understood?,行动Go.,-这里没人住 老大 -扯淡- Nobody lives here, boss. - That's bullshit.,线人昨晚在这里看到了巴丘Intel had Pacho here last night.,你有什么打算 我们接下来怎么做What do you think? What do we do?,这里可能有藏匿的地方I think there could be hideouts here.,-我们得再检查一下房子 -好- We have to check the house again. - All right.,我们把这翻个底朝天We turn this place upside down.,兄弟们 把这里里外外个遍 明白吗Men, we're going to search every corner of this house, understood?,是帕尔米拉的一栋别墅 老大It's an elegant house in Palmira, boss.,我不知道是谁的 但不是我们的I don't know whose it is, but it's not one of ours..
    很好 离开那里 确保没人发现你Very good. Get out of there and make sure no one sees you.,遵命Yes, sir.,-萨尔塞多 -荷西- Salcedo. - Jorge.,先生Sir.,我要你办件重要的事I need you to do something important.,你离开家时 会看到纳维根特When you leave your house, you'll find Navegante.,他知道你该去哪He knows where you have to go.,好 先生Of course, sir,,但我现在在监控的行动怎么办but what should I do with the operation I'm monitoring?,科尔多瓦 交给科尔多瓦Cordova. Give it to Cordova.,荷西Jorge...,-要小心 -是 先生- Be careful. - Of course, sir.,他是我最棒的手下 他会处理的He's one of my best men. He'll take care of it.,你是个守信用的人You're a man of your word.,华雷斯Juarez.,离天堂如此之近 而离上帝如此之远So close to heaven and so far from God.,厉害啊Impressive.,你带我来看世界第八大奇迹我很高兴I'm so glad you brought me to see the eighth wonder of the world.,别说混话 巴丘Don't be an asshole, Pacho.,我想让你看的是得克萨斯的埃尔帕索El Paso, Texas, is what I wanted you to see.,他妈的北美自由贸易协定改变了一切 巴丘Fucking NAFTA changed everything, Pacho.,协定生效差不多两年了吧It's been around for what? Two years, more or less?,已经有超过两百万辆卡车越过边境了More than two million trucks have crossed already,,其中有很多是我们的many of them ours.,装的满满的Filled to the brim.,你知道美国人检查多少卡车吗Do you know how many trucks the Americans check?,十分之一都不到 简直疯了 他们人手不够Less than ten percent. It's insane. They don't have the manpower.,那些混蛋打开了闸门Assholes opened the floodgates,现在连个婴儿桶都想拦下来and now they stand there with a baby's bucket to try and stop it.,这是正确的生意 我已经知道了This is the right business. I already know this, man.,不 我想说的是No, man. What I'm saying is,,你在错误的时间离开了正确的生意you're getting out of the right business at the exact wrong time.,你会后悔的And you're going to regret it.,你要来一点吗You want some?,阿马多 你是在建议我背叛合伙人吗Amado, are you suggesting that I betray my partners?,不 不 为什么要背叛No. No way. Why betray?,他们想要撤手They want to get out.,我在提议我们开始搞点新的生意 就你和我I'm proposing that we start something new, you and I.,想像一下吧 你把货发给我 我把货运过去Just imagine it: You send it to me, I get it across.,两年之内 我们的货就能淹死这个破国家In two years, we'll be flooding this fucking shitty country.,想想吧 好吗 认真考虑一下Think about it, all right? Think about it.,只是别考虑太久 因为在六个月内Just don't take too long, because in six months,,我需要确定一个新的供货商I need to secure a new supply.,希望是你Hopefully, it will be with you.,再来一次Give it another once-over?,好Okay.,应该就是现在It should be now.,三十秒Thirty seconds.,你不能在那里停车You can't park there!,该死的卡车Damn truck.,这破卡车总是坏These fucking trucks are always breaking down.,你不能在这里停车You can't park here.,让我找些线缆把它移走Let me just grab the cables and I'll move it.,挪走那辆该死的卡车Move the fucking truck.,戴安娜王妃就用这种That's the one Lady Di uses.,吉尔伯托Gilberto!,有人在按门铃Someone's ringing the doorbell!,-小心 -抱歉 稍等一下- Careful. - Sorry, wait just a moment.,我去开门Let me get the door.,看Look.,吉尔伯托Gilberto?,警察 后退 快点 让开Police! Back up. Quickly! Move it!,让点 让开Quickly! Move it!,怎么回事What's going on?,坐下 女士们 坐下 我只说一次Sit down, ladies. Sit down, I won't say it again.,你们不能进来 滚出去You can't come in here. Get out.,他跑了He's fucking running!,起来 看着我的脸Get up! Look at my face!,我们走Let's go.,-坐下 小姐 -我说了 吉尔伯托不在家- Sit down, miss. - I already told you, Gilberto is not home.,他有联系任何人吗Did he contact anyone?,-没有 上校 -没有 都没事吗- No one, Colonel. - No? All good?,罗德里格斯夫人Mrs. Rodriguez,,我有张我本人签署和执行的搜查令I have a federal warrant signed and executed by myself,,代表哥伦比亚国家警察as representative of the Colombian National Police.,问题是 你是否会配合The question is, will you cooperate?,你还好吗Are you all right?,是的Yes.,这里很好It's good here.,剩下的事只有摧毁那座房子了The only thing left is to demolish the house.,行了 就这样吧 收队吧Yeah. Okay. We're done. I'm calling it.,抱歉 我觉得我们还有些事要办I'm sorry, I thought we had something.,欢迎来到我的世界Welcome to my world.,你是不是需要总结一下 让你的人做报告Do what you need to wrap up, have your men report back.,-好吧 -菲斯多 还有其他事吗- Okay. - Feistl, anything else?,-送我们去机场 -当然- Ride to the airport? - Sure.,等我们到了 我觉得我最好自己进去Look, when we get there, I think it's better if I go in alone.,这些人很生气These people are angry.,我们跟他们要的 是对他们悲伤的侮辱What we're asking of them, it's an insult on top of their grief.,你不一样 荷西·萨尔塞多You're different, Jorge Salcedo.,怎么不一样Different? How?,你是个瘸子 你也不带枪You're crippled. You don't carry a gun.,大多数人都不带枪Most people don't carry guns.,是啊 但你不是大多数人Yeah... but you're not most people.,这就是奇怪的地方 这很有趣And that's why it's so weird. Interesting.,你从来不带枪That you never carry a gun.,我明白了 你为什么这么想I see. Why do you think that is?,我不知道I don't know.,可能你害怕了Maybe you're scared.,害怕自己用枪能做的事Fear... of what you could do with it.,你一直都是个杀手 而自己不知道That you've been walking around a killer and never knew it.,佩德里托 进屋Pedrito, go in the house!......

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