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 根据我们所得的情报According to our intelligence,,吉尔伯托·罗德里格斯能维系贩毒集团的稳定Gilberto Rodríguez was a stabilizing influence on the cartel.,他被捕可能会加剧集团人员His arrest may lead to an increased violence,对市民和警方的暴力冲击against civilians and police.,毫无疑问No doubt...,贩毒集团的头头们the cartel leaders...,现在正四处躲藏are now in hiding,,并且 他们的安保组织and their security apparatus is operating,正处于高度警戒状态in a state of high alert.,所以 我们唯一能确定的So... the only thing we can be certain of,就是对集团的任何进一步行动is that any further operation against the cartel,都将会是异常艰难和危险的will be both very difficult and extremely dangerous.,很感谢给我们带来这种动荡的局势 将军We appreciate the volatility of the situation, General.,在这种局势下 我将把指挥权Well, in that case, I will turn things over to the man,交给造成了这个局面的人who's responsible for this situation.,或许他能带领我们走向成功Maybe he can walk us through his path to victory.,那么潘那探员 下一步怎么做So Agent Pena, what comes next?,交给你了The floor is yours.,吉尔伯托先生Don Gilberto.,放那吧Leave it there.,好Okay.,请用餐Enjoy your meal.,喂Hello?,弟弟 是我 你好吗Hi, brother, it's me. How are you doing?,如果我知道这是怎么回事就好了Better if I knew how this happened.,吉尔伯托 有人出卖了我们Gilberto, someone betrayed us.,我们雇的那些废物哪去了Where the fuck were those pigs we pay?,是美国人的行动 是缉毒局It was an American operation. It was the DEA.,我们的朋友们对此一无所知Our friends knew nothing about it.,除非我们的朋友一直在骗我们Unless our friends have been lying to us all along.,或许该提醒一下他们那些钱是用来干什么的了Maybe they need a reminder what all that money was for.,淡定 米格尔Relax, Miguel.,我的处境很快就会逆转的My situation will be rectified soon.,情况越来越复杂了The truth is that things are getting more complicated,我们在北山谷的朋友们需要一剂强心针and our friends in the North Valley need reassurance.,你得安排和艾纳尔见个面You need to set a meeting with Henao.,恭维恭维他Compliment him.,-关于什么的 -无所谓 给他点好处- On what? - Doesn't matter. Offer him something.,他喜欢喝龙舌兰酒 准备一瓶He likes tequila. Have a bottle ready.,告诉他 这不过是一个小失误Tell him... this is just a small setback.,与此同时 生意照做In the meantime, business goes on as usual.,加强你自己的安保Increase your personal security.,美国人接下来会冲着你去The Americans will come after you next.,你的自由身是我们最有利的筹码 老弟Your freedom is our best leverage, brother.,吉尔伯托 情况变得危险了Gilberto, this is getting dangerous.,如果是有人泄密呢What if there's a leak?,有可能There may be.,你去查查吧Find out.,我得挂电话了 弟弟 爱你I need to go, brother. I love you.,我也爱你 大哥I love you too, brother.,-有什么消息 -狗屎 屁都没有- What do you got for me? - Dog shit. Minus the dog and the shit.,我们早知道不是易事 你得有点创造力Well, we knew it wasn't gonna be easy. You gotta get creative.,无意冒犯 他们告诉我们All due respect, we're being told,没有人护送我们就不能离开基地that we can't leave the base without an escort,,而现在最让人震惊的是and now, in a truly shocking turn of events,,他们又说没有多余的人力可以安排护送我们we're being told there isn't enough manpower to assign us one.,我们被困住了We're fucking grounded.,我会尽力想办法处理 我得挂了Look, I'll see what I can do with the lockdown. I gotta go.,我要去见新任国防部长I'm meeting with the new Minister of Defense.,还有菲斯托And Feistl...,这是你自找的you asked for this.,别忘了 因为我知道我不会Don't forget that, 'cause I know I won't.,哥伦比亚近期选举了新总统Colombia had recently elected a new president,,此人名叫埃内斯托·桑佩a man named Ernesto Samper.,埃斯科瓦尔的打手Escobar's hitters had tried,在此前的选举中曾试图暗杀他to assassinate him in an earlier election.,所以他不是毒枭们的朋友So he was no friend of the narcos.,当他意识到他的国家充斥着暴力And while he knew his country was tired of violence,,他和他的新班子 包括国防部长费尔南多·博特罗he and his new staff, including Defense Minister Fernando Botero,,已经处境艰难were already in a tough spot.,在政治上 投降协议是丑陋的Politically, the surrender deal was ugly.,卡利集团大佬们将自首,但他们愿意背负这一切But they were willing to live with it.,吉尔伯托被捕让这一切变得更难Gilberto's arrest made that harder than planned,,而他们并不耻于说出来and they weren't shy about saying it.,我想恭喜你们I wanted to offer my congratulations,逮捕了吉尔伯托·罗德里格斯on the arrest of Gilberto Rodriguez.,谢谢 先生Thank you, sir.,马丁内斯上校功不可没Colonel Martinez deserves the credit.,很遗憾 他没来这受夸领赏Unfortunately, he isn't here to receive it.,他该来的He should be.,我想他应该清楚他的行动可能的后果I imagine he knew there might be consequences for his actions.,我们本要签署投降协议了A surrender deal was on the table,,这会使得卡利集团的which would've brought,四个头目全部被绳之以法all four leaders of the Cali cartel to justice.,现在 情况更复杂了And now, that's been complicated,,前途未卜and we are faced with the unknown.,明白Understood.,但我不太认同Though I'm not sure murderers,凶手自己谈惩罚也配称为正义negotiating their own punishment qualifies as justice.,这个协议是在我任职之前的The deal preceded my tenure.,但就我们两人而言 我同意你的见解But between the two of us, I share your reservations.,但没人想回到巴勃罗·埃斯科瓦尔But no one wants a return to the days of Pablo Escobar,和反抗组织那种流血冲突and the bloodshed of Los Pepes.,这是当然No, of course not.,我不会问你和义警组织相关的传言I won't ask if the rumors about your involvement,是否为真with the vigilantes are true,,但我确实有话要问你but I do have a question..
    如果最后发现我们确实站在同一边If it turns out that we are indeed on the same side...,我能信任你吗can I trust you?,你可以相信我唯一的计划就是剿灭卡利集团You can trust that my only agenda is to take down the Cali cartel.,如果有需要 请告诉我Let me know if I can do anything.,先生 我的小组在卡利的行动...Sir, my team in Cali are operating under...,受到严格受限severe restrictions.,他们需要独立行动They need their independence.,我会打电话的I'll make a call.,谢谢 先生Thank you, sir.,潘那Pena.,正义很难寻求Justice can be hard to find.,像吉尔伯托·罗德里格斯有权有势的人And a man as powerful as Gilberto Rodriguez,关不久的won't stay in custody for long.,如果你想让他一直被关着 你需要有人出面作证If you want to keep him behind bars, you need someone to testify.,明白 我已经在着手了Yes, sir. I'm on it.,我目前正在研究一个高层目标I'm working on a high-level target.,我建议你快点 因为没有证人的话I suggest you work fast, because without it,,一切都是白费nothing else will matter.,我们检查了机器 长官We went through the machine, sir.,什么都没发现We've got nothing.,所以我该怎么做 这算什么意思So what am I supposed to do with that? What does this mean?,如果有人出卖了我们 我们会知道的If somebody sold us out, we'd know about it.,就跟你知道突袭一样Like you knew about the raid?,听着 先生们Look, gentlemen...,我想知道为什么我哥哥被关在牢房里I want to know why my brother is sitting in a fucking cell.,如果我们中有人牵涉进此事And if any one of us is involved in this,,我要在今天之内知道结果I want to know by the end of the day.,没问题 包在我身上 长官Of course. Consider it done, sir.,米格尔很多疑Miguel's paranoid.,说不定他们用了侦察机Maybe they used one of their spy planes,从空中发现了吉尔伯托and spotted Gilberto from space.,你不是认真的吧You're not taking this seriously.,米格尔不认为是他们走运 而是有内奸Miguel doesn't think they got lucky. He thinks there's a leak.,这样的话 系统会告诉我们内奸是谁And the system would tell us about the leak.,这关乎投降协议 对吗This is about the surrender, right?,你担心你的退休计划黄了You're worried your retirement plans are ruined now.,听我说Listen to me.,人们喜欢加戏 兄弟 你知道的People love drama, brother. You know that.,这不是加戏 他想要名字This isn't drama. He wants names.,我们也可能在其中 卡洛And there's no reason to think they couldn't be ours, Carlo.,是我们设计的系统We designed the system.,科尔多瓦先生Mr. Cordova.,有好消息吗So? Anything good?,就是些平常的扯淡 八卦Just a bunch of shit-talking. Gossip. Typical.,内部呢 有发现任何嫌疑人吗And what about internally? Anyone suspicious you've flagged?,没有No, not really.,事实是 我想不出谁会出卖这些人Truth is, I have no idea who would rat these guys out.,我还是想听听你标记出来的对话 尽快I want to hear everything you've flagged all the same. Quickly.,遵命 我马上就去拿Yes, sir. I'll get that right away.,这些人本该控制着局面These guys were supposed to have this under control.,可显然没有But it's clear they don't.,那些人不该投降吗I thought those guys were supposed to surrender.,这是否意味着他们不会投降了Does this mean it's not happening?,有人给美国人走漏了消息 背叛了我们Somebody tipped off the Americans, stabbed us in the back.,该死的安保团队呢 花钱找他们干嘛Where was his fucking security team? What do they pay them for?,他们最好快点行动They better do something quick,,不然到时就是人人为己了or else it's going to be every man for himself.,你有很多强大的盟友 吉尔伯托先生You have many powerful allies, Don Gilberto.,你的处境让他们很烦恼Your situation pains them deeply.,我们相信这事很快就会解决We're confident this will soon be behind us.,投降计划会继续进行The surrender will proceed.,但我们需要等 就是时间问题But we need to wait. It's a matter of time.,等什么Wait for what?,等政府做他们早已同意做的事吗 操For the government to do something they already agreed to? Fuck.,梅迪纳怎么说What did Medina say?,目前 圣地亚哥·梅迪纳没有做出正式表态Currently, we don't have an official position from Santiago Medina.,为什么Why not?,因为我们在等他的办公室确认一次会面Because we're waiting on his office to confirm a meeting.,你他妈在开玩笑吗Are you fucking kidding me?,你还没跟他对话过You didn't talk to him yet?,你在等他的办公室确认一次会面You're waiting on his office to confirm a meeting?,我不等他I don't wait on him!,他等我He waits on me!,你去他的办公室 把这事给解决了You go to his office and fix this mess!,让他别忘了吉尔伯托·罗德里格斯是谁And remind him who the fuck Gilberto Rodriguez is!,该死 开门For fuck's sake! Open this damn thing!,尼克拉斯 你爸爸需要Nicolás, your father needs,明白他的被捕改变了很多事to understand his arrest changes things.,现在牵扯到政治了It's political now.,爸爸Dad?,有时你得做做样子Sometimes you have to put on a little show.,有助于激发人最好的一面Helps bring the best out of people.,我需要和梅迪纳谈话I need to talk to Medina.,我不想你参与进来I don't want you anywhere near this.,爸爸 这个圈子太大Dad, the circle is too big.,梅迪纳不会跟他不信任的人见面的Medina won't meet anyone he can't trust.,他不会信任我们的律师He won't trust the lawyers.,他会信任你吗But he will trust you?,是的 我是你儿子Yes, I'm your son.,没错 而且你会听我的话That's right. And you'll obey my wishes.,这里总是很冷It's cold here all the time.,我醒来 床是冰的 空无一人I wake up and the bed is freezing, empty.,我知道 亲爱的 我很快就会回家I know, bonita. I'll be home soon.,我只是希望我能陪在你身边I just wish I could be there with you.,我跟你说了 克里斯 这样不好 时间不合适I told you, Chris, it wouldn't look right. It's not a good time.,有提到地点吗Any word on the location?,还没Nothing yet.,我说不好 弗兰克林 或许现在是最好的时间I don't know, Franklin. Maybe now is the perfect fucking time.,你真觉得他们会放过吉尔伯托吗You really think they're gonna stop with Gilberto?,还要多久缉毒局就会来抓你 抓我们And how long before the DEA comes looking for you? For us?,听着 坚强点 好吗 宝贝Listen, I need you to be strong, okay, babe?,没人知道我们 没人在找我 我保证Nobody knows about us. Nobody's looking for me, I promise.......

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