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 在从加利利出来的路上On the road from Galilee,,耶稣遇到一个被三次拒绝救济的乞丐Christ came upon a beggar who had thrice been denied alms.,耶稣问他 是否拿过不属于自己的东西Christ asked him if he'd taken before that which wasn't his.,"是" 那人说"Yes," The man said.,他曾拿过并未予他之物He'd taken what he felt hadn't been given.,耶稣问他...Christ asked him...,耶稣问他 它将他置于何处...Christ asked him where had it left him...,开枪Give him some.,老大 我知道是谁的车了Boss, I think I know whose car this is.,我叫巴丘·埃雷拉My name is Pacho Herrera.,我要见到赫尔达·萨拉萨和她那些狗儿子I want Gerda Salazar and her fucking sons delivered to me.,在那之前 北山谷所有人都不安全Until that happens, nobody in the North Valley is safe.,懂了吗Is that clear?,把我的话传给奥兰多·艾纳尔Make sure Orlando Henao gets the message.,接下来...And now...,祈祷吧pray.,祈祷吧Pray.,战争在哥伦比亚卷土重来War had returned to Colombia.,毒枭们很注重继承权Cocaine cartels are about succession.,排名第二的团伙The number two guys realize,发现排名第一的要退水that the number one guys are on their way out.,他们就决定加快这个进度So they decide to speed things up.,吉尔伯托·罗德格里斯入狱 水里见了血With Gilberto Rodriguez in jail, there was blood in the water.,血又会吸引更多血And blood begets more blood.,我说过卡利把帝国当事业在管理I told you that Cali ran their empire like a business.,而事业繁荣昌盛之后Well, when your business gets too big,,就会开始开加盟店you start selling franchises.,卡利选择了允许Cali basically allowed traffickers,本应是竞争对手的毒贩who would normally be their rivals,在他们的政治羽翼下活动to work under the umbrella of their political protection...,利用他们的销货网络to use their cocaine distribution network,在遇到情况时 借用他们的武力and to take advantage of their muscle when shit got heavy.,作为交换 他们要求忠诚和丰厚分红In return, they demanded loyalty and a hefty cut of the profits.,很久以来 风平浪静And for a long time, that was cool.,但卡利的投降计划机关算尽But as brilliant as Cali's surrender plan was,,迈阿密缉毒局手续,却没有考虑到it didn't take into account,谁都不愿在排名第二时退休that nobody wants to retire in second place.,北山谷贩毒集团想当第一了North Valley cartel was ready for first place.,有几个毒贩 比如伊万·乌迪诺拉Traffickers like Ivan Urdinola...,亨利·罗艾萨Henry Loaiza,,赫尔达·萨拉萨Gerda Salazar,,还有北山谷老大 奥兰多·艾纳尔and the North Valley boss, Orlando Henao.,他们不想退休They didn't need to retire.,他们手里不仅掌控着北山谷郊区They controlled not only the rural North Valley,,还攥着布韦那文图拉港but the port of Buenaventura,,这是世界上最大的可卡因运输港from which most of the world's cocaine shipped.,这是他们王冠上的珠宝It was the jewel in their crown.,他们做生意的方式 与卡利不同And they did business... differently than Cali.,可以说 他们觉得公共关系一文不值Let's just say they didn't give a shit about public relations.,他们想 "去他妈的卡利绅士""Fuck the Gentlemen of Cali," They figured.,他们掌握着港口 而卡利法务缠身With the port and Cali's current legal troubles,,他们有望能够夺权they had a shot at taking over.,在犯罪团伙中流传着一句话...It is often said in organized crime...,战争会让生意不好做...war is bad for business.,除非你能赢Unless it's won.,布韦那文图拉是艾纳尔的地盘Buenaventura is in Henao's territory.,我们得把港口抢回来We have to get the port back,才能保证交货时间安排so we can maintain our delivery schedules.,你们觉得...You think that...,能成功吗Can it be done?,跟政府交涉 还他妈投降Negotiating with the government, and the fucking surrender...,只能说明一点it all means one thing.,我们的对手觉得我们很弱Our allies and enemies think we're weak.,这都怪我兄弟吉尔伯托My brother Gilberto is responsible for that.,阿尔瓦罗怎么样了How's Alvaro?,你想让我说什么 米格尔What do you want me to say, Miguel?,医生说不知道他的屌还能不能用The doctors still don't know if his cock will ever work again.,他才22岁He's 22 years old.,我向你发誓 巴丘I swear to you, Pacho, ,萨拉萨一家会为此付出代价the Salazars will pay for that shit.,你们知道米格尔在哪里 为什么还不逮捕他You know where Miguel is. Why haven't you arrested him?,没那么简单 荷西It's not that simple, Jorge.,这种行动要审查 批准This kind of operation needs to be vetted, approved.,等等 有多少人知情Wait a minute. How many people know about this?,很少 而且没人知道你的名字Very few. And nobody knows your name.,我们会逮捕米格尔·罗德里格斯 放心We're gonna arrest Miguel Rodriguez, all right?,很快这一切都会过去And you can put all this behind you.,-能告诉我行动计划吗 -一小队人 黎明前行动- Can I ask what your plan is? - Small team, just before dawn.,-什么时候 -明天四点- When? - Zero-four-hundred. Tomorrow.,到时候有三辆卡车从不同方向过来...Transpo's three trucks coming from different directions...,不 这样不行No, that's not gonna work.,米格尔派人24小时现场巡逻Miguel has rotating security around the building.,只要看到异样 费乔·卡斯迪奥立刻收到通知They see anything unusual, a call goes out to Fercho Castillo.,他是米格尔的助手That's Miguel's assistant.,你们还没进大门 他们就走光了They'll be out before you get through the lobby.,那你就帮我们找一个附近的盲点So then help us find a blind spot in the perimeter.,没有盲点 他们很专业There's no blind spots. These people are professional.,换班的时候突袭呢What about if we hit at shift change?,就因为这个 我们都是重叠换班制We overlap shifts because of that reason.,两位Guys!,就这样吗 就这么点计划That's it? That's the plan?,我去Christ.,让你们全队人走卡雷拉十号街Have your entire team take Carrera Diez.,在阿维尼达七号路转弯Make a turn at Avenida Siete.,我会在那里安插人手 放你们过去I'll post a man there that's gonna let you guys through.,这个人非常关键You're putting a lot of faith in this guy.,确定靠得住吗You sure we can count on him?.
    到时候我站那里 但要是抓不到米格尔I'll be the man posted there, but if you don't get Miguel,,我会死 你们明白吗they're gonna kill me. Do you understand that?,还有我的家人 我的孩子They're gonna kill my family, my kids.,不会的We're not gonna let that happen.,我们下次再见Next time we see you, ,就是送你和你的家人上飞机去美国了we're putting you and your family on a plane to America.,你会离开的 我们保证过You're getting out. Just like we promised.,米格尔·罗德里格斯管事之后With Miguel Rodriguez in charge,,我们面对的贩毒团伙变了we're dealing with a different kind of cartel.,也许你们就不该逮捕他兄弟Then maybe you shouldn't have arrested his brother.,这次行动也许能重创贩毒团伙的日常运营This operation could significantly impact the cartel's day-to-day,,停止血腥杀戮stop the bloodshed.,靠的是你们不愿透露的情报Based on information you're unwilling to share.,-毕竟现在时局很敏感... -对 你们说过- Well, due to the sensitivity... - Yes, you've said.,可是两位 你们也不能要求我盲目允许行动吧But gentlemen, to ask me to sign off on this operation blindly?,除了代号 你们什么都没告诉我You haven't given me anything other than a code name.,这个线人 娜塔莉亚 有多可靠How much can you trust this informant... "Natalia"?,难道这也不能说吗Or is that too much to ask?,我理解您的焦急I understand your frustration.,但我可以保证 这个线人绝对可靠But I've been assured that this intelligence is viable.,如果不愿告诉我你们的筹码If you won't tell me what you have,,那就直说你们的需求吧then please, get to what you need.,-一个小队 不到十人 -联系巴尔加斯将军- A small team. No more than ten men. - Contact General Vargas.,-我会让他给你们派人 -其实 长官- I'll authorize him to provide you one. - Actually, sir,,我们希望您能私下给我们一位we were hoping you would provide somebody,与巴尔加斯将军无关的人independent of General Vargas.,请满足我们这个小小的请求If you would just indulge us this one request.,你们心里已经有人选了吧Shall I assume you have someone in mind?,瑟拉诺将军 长官General Serrano, sir.,潘那探员Agente Pena...,要是再失手 我也帮不了你了another setback and I won't be able to help you,,我也不愿再帮了nor will I want to.,投降协议会更加坚定地进行下去The case for the surrender deal will only be strengthened.,而你和你的队伍将立即解散And you and your team will be gone.,非常感谢您的坦诚 长官I appreciate your honesty, sir.,谢谢您 部长Thank you, Minister.,通过威逼 利诱Through intimidation and corruption...,卡利贩毒团伙非常有效地the Cali Cartel had effectively taken,控制了哥伦比亚国家警察的人员...much of the Colombian National Police force...,卡门修道院,令他们唯命是从...and bent them to its will.,但有股力量他们无法操控But there was one force it couldn't bend:,一位叫何塞·瑟拉诺的将军a man named General Jose Serrano...,他的信念和正直正是我们需要的whose faith and integrity were exactly what we needed.,潘那探员 幸会 久仰大名Agent Pena, nice to meet you. Your reputation precedes you.,瑟拉诺很重视两件事Serrano took two things seriously:,他对神的敬仰his service to God...,以及他对法律公正的信念and his belief in the rule of law.,他对手下的要求亦是如此He expected the same from his men.,对他来说 从小就是这样For him, it began at an early age.,他曾是个农夫 父亲也是农夫He was a campesino, the son of a dirt farmer...,从没有一双属于自己的鞋He had never owned a pair of shoes.,有一天 一队威风凛凛的骑警进了他的村子One day, a group of mounted policemen rode into his village.,让他想起了书中读过的神圣骑士It reminded him of the holy knights that he had read about,,为上帝执行任务的宗教战士religious warriors on a mission from God.,他当时就知道...He knew then...,自己要成为他们的一员that he would be one of them.,他加入警队 渴望找到志同道合之人He joined the force expecting to find other like-minded men.,可是 他却发现了腐败But instead, he found corruption.,他尽己所能 铲除腐败From where he could, he rooted it out.,他成为小镇警长之时When he became chief of his first small town,,贝莱斯警局,开除了警局三分之二的警员he fired over two-thirds of the department,反腐警官,因为他们受贿for being on the take...,从此他向受贿警察和行贿毒贩宣战...declaring war on corrupt cops and traffickers alike.,我将全心全意 竭尽所能I will put in maximum effort, with all my soul,,反贪反腐into fighting corruption.,因为在腐败横行时Because when there is corruption...,没有法规 没有安宁there is no procedure, there is no peace of mind.,二十年来 他挺过了无数次暗杀Twenty years, numerous failed assassination attempts later...,他依旧披荆斩棘地战斗着he was still waging his war.,当然是按规矩来By the book, of course.,你这个线人This informant of yours,,跟米格尔·罗德里格斯很亲近吗is he close to Miguel Rodriguez?,他向我们提供了米格尔的所在地He's provided us with Miguel's location.,因此我们必须尽快行动That's why it's urgent we move now.,下次再有这样的好机会就是奇迹了May take a miracle to get this close again.,只有上帝能创造奇迹Only God creates miracles.,我们只能运用It's for us to use the tools ,他给我们的工具来解决问题he's bestowed to resolve these matters.,你觉得上帝Any chance God's bestowed,是否安排了此次行动的执行者the right men to pull off this operation?,上帝有许多士兵God has many soldiers.,我的人非常正直Mine are honest men ,服侍着远高于你我的伟大力量who answer to higher powers than you or I.,我不是担心他们 是担心其他问题I'm not concerned about them. But I'm worried about other issues.,吉尔伯托·罗德里格斯被捕后情况有变Gilberto Rodriguez's arrest has led to new stipulations.,从今往后 我签署的任何搜查令From now on, any warrant I sign,都必须向卡利当地警局提交has to be filed with the local fiscale office in Cali.,也就是说贩毒集团会知道Which the cartel will know about.,有可能Possibly.,而你的策略只能用一次Truth is, your tactics won't be allowed a second run.,只能想新办法了 将军Just have to find new ones, General.,将军 你的手下在哪里Your men, General, where are they now?,在待命Awaiting their orders.,目标是米格尔·罗德里格斯The target is Miguel Rodriguez.,我们的行动会成功Our operation will succeed,因为你们会完成对上帝because you fulfill your duty to your God,和对国家的使命 懂吗and to your country. Understood?,是 长官Yes, sir!,这次行动从策略上说是午夜突袭The operation from a strategic point of view is a nightmare.......

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