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    什么事都无法令我开心 然后我就放弃了Things got dark for me, and I kinda just gave up.,我很小的时候父母就去世了My parents died when I was a kid.,很遗憾听到这个I'm sorry to hear that.,你一定过得很艰难Must've been tough.,总之 是Anyway, yeah.,后来我开始经营书店I started managing the bookstore.,这让我从抑郁之类的中走了出来That kinda pulled me out of my depression, or whatever.,然后 是啊 它占据了我大部分的时间And, yeah, it takes up most of my time.,整天被书包围着 感觉一定很好Must be nice being surrounded by books all day.,没有比这更好的了It's the best.,我父母去世后After my parents passed,,我哥哥和我不停地更换寄养家庭my brother and I hopped from one foster family to the next.,有一段时间 我们和一对夫妇One point, we were staying with this couple,住在一起 他们的小说收藏非常棒that had this great collection of novels.,一天晚上 我开始读《简爱》 书中的那个角色And one night, I started reading Jane Eyre, and here was this character,在某种程度上经历了我所经历过的一切that was, sort of, going through everything I was going through.,我那时就想一直读下去And I didn't want it to end.,读完后 我翻到第一页 又从头读了一遍I finished it, went back to page one and started reading it all over again.,从那以后我就爱上了书Just loved books ever since.,《简爱》吗Jane Eyre, huh?,《简爱》Jane Eyre.,我能给你看样东西吗Can I show you something?,天啊Oh, my God.,(《简爱》 一本自传)Is this a first edition?,这是首版吗,(由柯勒贝尔编辑 第1卷),这是真的吗Is this real?,是真的This is real.,我怎么能确定How can I be sure?,我是说 有些教授太讨厌了I mean, some of these professors are so obnoxious.,实际上用了 “德国文学的阉割化”这个表达Actually used the phrase "the vaginization of German literature.",-什么化 -我很肯定-The what? -I mean, I'm pretty sure,根本没有“阉割化”这么个词"vaginization" isn't even a real word.,你在哪里学的做饭Where'd you learn how to cook?,我在佛罗伦萨读的大三I spent my junior year in Florence.,会意大利语吗Do you speak Italian?,我以前说得很好I used to speak it well,,不幸的是 现在有点生疏了-now it's a bit rusty, unfortunately. -Hello!,-你好 -喜欢意大利吗-Hello! -Did you like Italy?,我有很美好的记忆I have great memories.,太不可思议了This is amazing!,但是我以前的男朋友是个十足的混蛋But, I had this boyfriend who was a real jerk.,你呢 在哪里学的意大利语And what about you? Where did you learn to speak Italian?,我妈妈是意大利人My mom was from Italy.,-我还看了很多费里尼的电影 -我很喜欢费里尼-And I watch a lot of Fellini movies. -I love Fellini.,你曾经心碎过吗Have you ever had your heart broken?,有过一两次吧Yeah, once or twice.,我很喜欢你I really like you.,好的Okay.,我也很喜欢你I really like you too.,好的Okay.,-听我说完 -不…不行-Just hear me out. -No, just-- No, I can't.,-我需要你帮我 -我不会这么做-I need your help. -I'm not doing this.,-什么叫不会这么做 -我不能-What do you mean you're not doing this? -I can't.,只有你和我 我们相互扶持 相依为命It's me and you. It's me and you against the world,,-你还记得吗 -你能走了吗-do you remember that? -Can you please just go?,-我们相互扶持 -杰森 请你别说了-It's me and you against the world. -Jason, I need you to stop.,求你了 我需要你 别丢下我 你是我世上最后的亲人Please, I need you. Don't walk out on me. You are the last thing that I have,-你是最不可能… -杰森-on this earth. You are the last person-- -Jason!,-桑德拉 -杰森 请别这样-Sandra! -Jason, please don't.,桑德拉Sandra!,-你走吧… -求你了-Just go. Just go. -Please.,桑德拉…求你开门…Please open the door. Sandra, Sandra, open the door.,该死…Fuck! Fuck!,该死的贱人Fucking bitch.,你没事吧Are you okay?,那人是谁Who was that?,是我哥哥 他需要钱It's my brother. He needs money.,杰森不太走运Jason wasn't so lucky.,一些他被安置进入的家庭Some of the homes he was put in were…,如噩梦一般a nightmare.,这不是你的错It's not your fault.,我知道 但他是我唯一的亲人I know, but he's the only family I got.,“幸福的家庭有同样的幸福” 诸如此类"All happy families are alike." And all that.,不管他利用过我多少次 我都不能置他于不顾No matter how many times he screws me over, I can't not help him.,他是我哥哥 我爱他He's my brother. I love him.,祝你生日快乐Happy birthday to you,祝你生日快乐 亲爱的汤姆Happy birthday, dear Tom,祝你生日快乐Happy birthday to you,好耶 好了 你也得吹 吹这里Yay. Okay, you gotta blow. Blow here.,你得用力吹 加油You gotta blow harder. Come on.,再用力些 加油Harder. Come on.,好了…都灭了…Yes! Yes! Yes! We got it. We got it.,你认识汤姆多久了So, how long have you known Tom?,只有几周而已Just a few weeks.,-看上去要长得多 -对 我知道 我们的感情一直相当强烈-Seems like so much longer. -Yeah, I know. It's been kind of intense.,她就像个性感图书管理员什么的She's like a sexy librarian or something.,-她…完全就是你的梦中情人 -我知道 她真是不可思议-She's-- She's literally your dream girl. -I know. She's just incredible.,-你在哪里读的本科 -瓦萨学院-Where did you go to undergrad? -Vassar.,天啊 我也是Oh, my God. So did I.,我就觉得你看起来很眼熟 你什么时候毕业的You know, I thought you looked familiar. When did you graduate?,2014届毕业生Class of '14.,2016届毕业生Class of '16.,你经常去马克杯酒吧吗Did you hang out at the Mug a lot?,说实话 我大部分时间都待在图书馆Honestly, I spent most of my time at the library.,但别告诉汤姆 我在努力维持我不是个书呆子的错觉But don't tell Tom. I'm trying to maintain the illusion I'm not a total nerd.,很高兴看到你没事Glad to see that you're doing okay.,你当时状态很差 所以…You were in a bad place there, so…,我当时只是有点情绪低落I was just a little depressed.,好吧 当时我的状况越来越糟 但其实Okay. It got bad but, you know, it's like,,谁都经历过这种绝望想自杀的时刻who hasn't been borderline suicidal at some point in their life?,这一点都不好笑 不能拿这事开玩笑It's not funny. Not supposed to joke about that stuff.......

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