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 I knew Harvey Dent. I was his friend.我认识哈维•丹特 我是他的朋友,And it will be a very long time before someone inspires us the way he did.这世间恐怕很少人能够像他那样激励我们的心灵,I believed in Harvey Dent.我相信哈维•丹特,- Dr. Pavel, I'm CIA. - He wasn't alone.- 帕佛博士 我是中情局的 - 不只他一个人,- Uh, you don't get to bring friends. - They are not my friends.- 你不可以带朋友来 - 他们不是我的朋友,Don't worry, no charge for them.别担心 我不会跟你多收钱,And why would I want them? They were trying to grab your prize.我干嘛要这两个人?这两人企图绑架那个博士,They work for the mercenary.他们是那个佣兵的手下,The masked man.面罩怪人,Bane?贝恩?,Get them onboard. I'll call it in.先带他们上飞机 我来报告,The flight plan I just filed with the agency...我刚才跟局里提出登机名单,...lists me, my men, Dr. Pavel here...里面有我 我的手下 帕佛博士,...but only one of you!但你们两人中只能选一个,First one to talk gets to stay on my aircraft!先招认的那个人才能留在飞机上,Who paid you to grab Dr. Pavel?是谁派你们绑架帕佛博士?,He didn't fly so good!你应该不会飞吧,Who wants to try next?下一个换谁?,Tell me about Bane!告诉我贝恩的底细,Why does he wear the mask?他为什么戴着面罩?,A lot of loyalty for a hired gun!你也未免太忠心耿耿了吧,Well, perhaps he's wondering why someone would shoot a man...他可能在纳闷 为什么把人丢下飞机之前...,...before throwing him out of a plane.还要先开枪,At least you can talk.至少你会说话,Who are you?你们是什么人?,It doesn't matter who we are.我们是谁并不重要,What matters is our plan.重要的是我们的计划,No one cared who I was till I put on the mask.以前我没戴面罩的时候 没人在意我是谁,- If I pull that off, will you die? - It would be extremely painful.- 扯掉面具你会死吗? - 会非常痛苦,- You're a big guy. - For you.- 你挺壮的 - 对你而言,Was getting caught part of your plan?被逮捕也是你们计划的一部分吗?,Of course.当然,Dr. Pavel refused our offer in favor of yours.帕佛博士拒绝为我们做事 转而投靠你们,- We had to find out what he told you... - Nothing. I said nothing.- 我们得查明他是否有泄漏机密 - 没有! 我什么也没说!,Well, congratulations, you got yourself caught!恭喜你! 现在你被抓了!,- Sir? - Now what's the next step of your master plan?- 长官 - 下一步计划是什么?,Crashing this plane...炸掉这架飞机,...with no survivors.不留活口,Mayday, Mayday!呼叫! 呼叫!,Aah! What you doing to me? Let me out!你们要对我做什么?放开我,No!不,No, no, no! No!不 不 不,No! They expect one of us in the wreckage, brother.你不能走 我们其中一人的尸体必须留在飞机残骸里,Have we started the fire?我们开战了吗?,Yes, the fire rises.没错 战火要升起了,Calm down, doctor. Now is not the time for fear.冷静点 博士 现在还不到恐惧的时候,That comes later.好戏还在后头,Harvey Dent Day may not be our oldest public holiday...哈维•丹特纪念日虽然不是传统节日,...but we're here tonight because it's one of the most important.却是最重要的节日之一,Harvey Dent's uncompromising stand against organized crime...哈维•丹特不遗余力地对抗组织性犯罪,...had made Gotham a safer place than it was at the time of his death, eight years ago.使得高谭市在这八年间治安逐渐进步,This city has seen a historic turnaround.这个城市造就了历史性的转变,No city is without crime, but this city is without organized crime because the Dent Act...每个城市都有犯罪 但高谭市没有组织性犯罪,...gave law enforcement teeth in its fight against the mob.归功于丹特法案提供的有效利器让我们能对抗犯罪集团,Now people are talking about repealing the Dent Act...现在有些人主张废除丹特法案,...and to them I say, "Not on my watch."在此我承诺 "决不让此事发生",I want to thank the Wayne Foundation for hosting this event.非常感谢韦恩基金会举办这场晚会,I'm told Mr. Wayne couldn't be here tonight. I'm sure he's with us in spirit.虽然韦恩先生今晚不能出席 但他的精神与我们同在,And now I'm gonna give way to an important voice....现在我要把麦克风交给一位重量级的...,You ever lay eyes on Wayne at one of these things?最近有人见过韦恩先生吗?,No one has. Not in years.没有 很多年都没人看见他了,...people put their faith in a murderous thug in a mask and a cape.人们曾对一位头戴面具 身穿披风的凶手寄予信任,A thug who showed his true nature...他最终露出了他的真面目,...when he betrayed the trust of this great man...他不但背叛了这位英雄,...and murdered him in cold blood.还冷血地将他杀害,Sweetheart, not so fast with the chow.小美人 别走那么快,- Shrimp balls? - Thank you.- 要来点虾球吗? - 谢谢,Jim Gordon can tell you the truth about Harvey Dent. 吉姆•高登将会跟大家介绍哈维•丹特的真实故事,I'll let him tell you himself. Commissioner Gordon.现在欢迎他上台 高登局长,The truth?真实故事?,I have written a speech...我准备了一份讲稿,...telling the truth about Harvey Dent.是关于哈维•丹特的真实故事,Maybe the time isn't right.或许现在不是适当的时机,Maybe right now...现在...,...all you need to know is that there are...大家只需要知道,...1 000 inmates in Blackgate Prison as a direct result of the Dent Act.黑门监狱里关了上千名囚犯 这都是归功于丹特法案,These are violent criminals, essential cogs in the organized-crime machine.他们都是残暴的歹徒 是集团犯罪份子,Maybe, for now, all I should say about the death of Harvey Dent is this:我只能说 哈维•丹特...,It has not been for nothing.没有白白牺牲,- You see the guy who owns the house? - No. I heard...- 你有看过这家的主人吗? - 没有 我听说...,- ...he never leaves the east wing. - I heard he had an accident.- 他从没踏出东宫一步 - 我听说他出了点意外,- Yeah, that he's disfigured. He has to wear a... - Mr. Till?- 没错 好像毁容了... - 提尔先生,Why are your people using the main staircase?你们的人怎么可以使用大厅楼梯?,And where's Mrs. Bolton?波顿太太在哪儿?,Uh, she's at the bar, sir. Can I help?她在吧台 有什么需要帮忙的吗?,The east drawing room.你去东宫的房间,Unlock the door, put the tray on the table, lock the door again.把门打开 将餐盘放在桌上 然后再把门锁上,Nothing more.其他什么都别做,I'm sorry, Miss Tate. I tried, but he won't see you.抱歉 泰特小姐 我通报了 但他不想见你,And you mustn't take it personally.你要知道 他并不是针对你,Everyone knows that Wayne's holed up in there with 8- inch nails peeing into Mason jars.大家都说韦恩先生成天窝在屋里 指甲长到8寸长,It's very good of you to let me on the grounds.真是非常感谢你们让我惨赔,Why are you wasting your time trying to talk to a man...你何必浪费时间,...who threw away your investment on some save-the-world vanity project?他只会把你投入的拯救世界计划丢在一旁,He can't get your money back. I can.他不能让你的投资回本 但我可以,I could try explaining that a save-the-world project, vain or not...我可以花时间给你解释拯救世界的企划案 赚不赚钱...,...is worth investing in, Mr. Daggett....都是值得投资的 达格先生,But you understand only money and the power you think it buys...像你这种人 眼里只有金钱和权力.
    ...so why waste my time indeed?何必来浪费我的时间?,Second shift reports in?你拿到第二次人事调动报告了?,You should spend more time with the mayor.你应该跟市长混熟一点,Well, that's your department.那是你的专长,Anyone shown him the crime stats?他看过犯罪统计报告书了吗?,He goes by his gut and it bothers him,他是凭着冲劲在办案的 不管统计数字是多少,no matter what the numbers.他永远不会满意, Must be popular with his wife.那她老婆一定很爱他,Not really. She took the kids to Cleveland.没有 她带着孩子移居到了克里夫兰,He'll have plenty of time for visits.他很快就会有时间去探望妻小了,The mayor's gonna dump him in the spring.市长明年春季要开除他,- Really? - Mm-hm.- 真的吗? - 嗯,- But he's a hero. - A war hero. This is peacetime.- 可是他是英雄 - 他是战争英雄 但现在是和平时代,Oh, sorry, sorry. I'm so terribly sorry, Mr. Wayne.对不起 先生 真的很抱歉 韦恩先生,It is Mr. Wayne, isn't it?您是韦恩先生 对吧?,Although you don't have the long nails or, heh, the facial scars, sir.不过您并没有很长的指甲 也没有满脸疤痕,Is that what they say about me?大家传说我长那样吗?,It's just that no one ever sees you.那是因为从来没人见过您,That's a beautiful necklace. Reminds me of one that belonged to my mother.你的项链真美 让我想起我母亲的项链,It can't be the same one...不会是同一条吧...,...because her pearls are in this safe...她的项链一直锁在保险箱里,...the manufacturer clearly explained is uncrackable.厂商说这款保险箱是无法破解的,Oops.糟糕,Nobody told me it was uncrackable.没人告诉我那保险箱是无法破解的,I'm afraid I can't let you take those.我恐怕不能让你带走那项链,Look, you wouldn't beat up a woman any more than I would beat up a cripple.我想 你不会打女人 而我也不会打残障人士,Of course, sometimes exceptions have to be made.不过 凡事总有例外,Good night, Mr. Wayne.晚安 韦恩先生,- Can I have a ride? - You read my mind.- 我可以搭个便车吗? - 正合我意,Let's go.走吧,Miss Tate was asking to see you again.泰特小姐又来见您,She's very persistent.她真固执...,And quite lovely, in case you were wondering.而且长得很漂亮 您可能想知道,- I wasn't. - What are you doing?- 不想 - 您在做什么?,Examining print dust. We've been robbed.我在检查采指纹的粉末 我们家遭小偷了,And this is your idea of, uh, sounding the alarm, is it?您不是说要装警铃?,She took the pearls, tracking device and all.她偷走的珍珠项链里面有追踪器,- She? - One of the maids.- 谁? - 一个女仆,Perhaps you should stop letting them in this side of the house.你应该禁止她们进出这个房间,Perhaps you should start learning to make your own bed.那您可能要学习自己整理床铺,- Why were you dusting for prints? - I wasn't.- 您为什么要采指纹? - 不是我,She was.是她采的,Sir. Congressman Gilly's wife has been calling in.长官 基利议员的夫人来电,The congressman never made it home after the Wayne Foundation event.她说议员在晚会结束后一直没回家,That's a job for the police?那是警察的工作?,When you and Dent cleaned the streets, you cleaned them good.您和丹特先生的扫黑行动做得太成功,Pretty soon we'll be chasing down, uh, overdue library books.我们以后只能去帮图书馆追讨逾期书籍了,And yet here you are, like we're still at war.不过 您仍像从前那样坚守岗位,- What's your name, son? - Blake, sir.- 你叫什么名字? - 我叫布莱克 长官,You have something you want to ask me?你还有其他问题要问吗?,It's about that night. This night, eight years ago. The night Dent died.八年前 丹特遇害的那个晚上,The last confirmed sighting of the Batman.最后一次看到蝙蝠侠现身,He murders those people, takes down two SWAT teams...他杀了人 击退两支特种部队,...breaks Dent's neck and then just vanishes?打断丹特的脖子 然后消失得无影无踪,I'm not hearing a question, son.我没听懂你的问题,Don't you want to know who he was?您不想知道他的真实身份吗?,I know exactly who he was.我很清楚他是谁,He was the Batman.他就是蝙蝠侠,Let's go see about the congressman's wife.我们去找议员夫人吧,Master Wayne?韦恩少爷,Master Wayne?韦恩少爷,You haven't been down here in a long time.您很久没下来这儿了,Trying to find out more about our jewel thief. I ran her prints.我想查出那个珠宝大盗的底细 我比对了指纹,Unless she's lost a lot of weight...除非她最近减肥成功,...she was wearing someone else's fingerprints.否则一定是冒用了别人的指纹,She's good.她颇有本事,She may be, but we have a trace on the necklace.或许吧 但我们项链上装有追踪器,We do. I cross-referenced the address she went back to...所以我把她返回的地址,...with police data on high-end B-and-E's, and, um....和警方的犯罪数据库相比对,Selina Kyle.找到了瑟琳娜•凯尔,The databases are full of close- calls, tips from fences.她的数据显示她屡次侥幸脱逃,She's good, but the ground is shrinking beneath her feet.是有两把刷子 但是她已经快要走投无路了,We should send the police before she fences the pearls.我们最好赶快通知警方 免得她把项链卖掉,She won't. She likes them too much.她不会卖 她太喜欢那项链了,And they weren't what she was after.而且那不是她原本要偷的东西,- What was she after? - My fingerprints.- 她要偷什么? - 我的指纹,It was printer toner mixed with graphite on the safe.她用的是打印机碳粉和石磨的混合粉末,It gives a good pull and it's untraceable.容易取指纹 又不会被追踪,Fascinating. You two should exchange notes over coffee.太厉害了! 你们两个应该一起喝杯咖啡交换心得,You're trying to set me up with a jewel thief?你是要把我和珠宝大盗凑成一对吗?,At this point, I'd set you up with a chimpanzee, if it brought you back to the world.为了把你拉回现实世界 我还不惜搓合你和黑猩猩呢!,There's nothing out there for me.外面没有什么值得我留恋的,And that's the problem.这就是问题所在,You hung up your cape and your cowl but you didn't move on.你卸下了披风和面具 但你的人生没有继续下去,You never went to find a life. To find someone.你没有认真生活 找个伴侣,Alfred...阿福...,...I did find someone.我已经找到了伴侣,I know, and you lost them.我知道 但你失去她了,But that's all part of living, sir.人生难免会这样,But you're not living, you're just waiting, hoping for things to go bad again.但你没有继续你的人生 你只是空等 期待情势再度恶化,Remember when you left Gotham?还记得你离开高谭市的时候吗?,Before all this, before Batman?在你成为蝙蝠侠之前,You were gone seven years.你离开了七年,Seven years I waited, hoping that you wouldn't come back.那七年间我一直等 希望你不要回来,Every year, I took a holiday. I went to Florence.每年我度假的时候 都会去佛罗伦萨,There's this cafe on the banks of the Arno.亚诺河畔的一间咖啡店,Every fine evening I'd sit there and order a Fernet Branca.每天傍晚我都坐在那里 点一杯苦酒,I had this fantasy...幻想着...,...that I would look across the tables...我不经意的一瞥,...and I'd see you there, with a wife.看见你坐在别桌 带着老婆,Maybe a couple of kids.可能还有几个孩子,You wouldn't say anything to me, nor me to you.你我之间没有任何言语交谈......

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