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 “神经”…Jinx Chen!,陈…陈惊It's Jing Chen!,注意发音Watch your pronunciation.,神经同学 我吹的可是《百鸟朝凤》Jinx Chen,拜托你配合得可不可以有朝气一点?Can you please cooperate and liven up a little?,朋友 丧葬气氛已经这么浓了Dude,你让我怎么有朝气啊?How can I liven it up?,打…打架了There's a fight!,西洋乐民乐大混战It's folk music versus classical music!,快去帮忙Let's go help!,看我今天就打死他He won't get out of here alive!,怎么回事儿啊?What's going on?,那小孩儿拉大提琴的 上个礼拜没事儿找事儿来着That kid,学民乐的朋友们 今天偶遇你们的师哥哟Power Cellist: Folk music kids,#FolkMusic #StreetMusicianOnBridgePower Cellist: Folk music kids,I'LL GIVE YOU A REAL POKEPower Cellist: Folk music kids,说Say it!,民族的才是世界的…Folk music rules!,回去吧Let's go back.,接着《百鸟朝凤》去Come on,MUSIC IS THE GREATESTCome on,神经 口水擦一擦吧Hey,都拔丝儿了You have drool on your face.,还让不让人练琴了?I'm trying to practice here!,削死你们信不信?Don't make me hurt you!,RULES FOR STUDENTS: DEPARTMENTS MUST PRACTICE IN THEIR OWN AREASDon't make me hurt you!,NO FIGHTING NO MIXING OF PRACTICE ROOMSDon't make me hurt you!,NO EATING AND DRINKING PLEASE FOLLOW THE RULES OF PRACTICE HALLDon't make me hurt you!,FROM THE OFFICE OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRSDon't make me hurt you!,神经 你对王文师哥的 这种感情是执念Jinx,试着放下吧You should try to put it out of your mind.,放下?放哪儿去啊?How? Where should I put it?,存银行里?当利息?In a bank? Can it accumulate interest?,咱们入学的这么多年里In all of our years at the school,有过西洋乐和民乐的恋爱绯闻吗?have you heard of any dating rumors between classical and folk music people?,一个都没有None whatsoever!,因为西洋乐的嫌咱们土 咱们民乐的嫌他们装Classical kids think we're bumpkins. We think they're snobs.,我们和他们是罗密欧与朱丽叶The two departments are like Romeo and Juliet's families.,势不两立We're sworn enemies.,区区一个铁栅栏 就能阻挡我的爱情?Do you think a simple metal gate can stop my love?,而且凭什么一起打的架?Plus,大家都贡献了血汗We're all guilty for violating the rules,最后只有我们被隔离起来but we're the only ones who got segregated.,这是种族歧视啊?What is this? Discrimination?,老师 我来帮陈惊搬水 她一个人扛不动I'm helping Jing Chen with the water. She can't carry it by herself.,怎么一股肉味儿啊?Why does it smell like meat in here?,他身上就这味儿 估计是拿炸猪皮的油洗过澡That's what he smells like. He must've bathed himself in lard.,琴房里不许吃东西No eating in the practice room.,好Okay.,就知道查我们民乐的琴房They always check up on the folk music practice rooms,老觉得咱们不干正经事儿as if we're always up to no good.,西洋乐的琴房 他从来都不查They never check up on the classical music's practice rooms.,你这么缺心少肺的You're so heartless and conscienceless,体重应该很轻吧?you must weigh next to nothing?,不要把窗户堵…Don't block the windows!,要不你也来点儿?Would you like some?,高三小提琴专业的孙晓同学Xiao Sun,已经通过了 美国柯蒂斯音乐学院的面试has been accepted by the Curtis Institute of Music in the U.S.,大家为他鼓掌Let's give him a round of applause.,孙晓同学在音乐的道路上 创造着自己的辉煌前程Xiao Sun has paved a bright future for his music career.,但是有些同学却昏昏噩噩度日Meanwhile,下面 我点名批评两名同学Right now,高二扬琴专业的陈惊同学Jing Chen,和高二民族打击乐专业的李由同学and You Li,这两位同学 在本该用来刻苦练习的琴房里These two students desecrated the sacred practice room,利用饮水机涮火锅by using the water cooler as a hotpot.,不光乱用了学校的财产 无视学校纪律They abused school property,饮水机涮火锅?The water cooler as a hotpot?,我一会儿朋友圈发攻略I'll post a tutorial in our group chat later.,真棒啊Nice.,民乐的同学Hello,这周我们交响乐队 在中山音乐厅有演出Our orchestra is performing at Zhongshan Hall this week.,负责弹奏钢琴的王文师哥 需要一个翻谱员Our senior pianist,我们都没有时间None of us can do it for him.,你们民乐的要不要来帮忙?Can anyone from folk music lend a hand?,中午管盒饭啊Lunch is provided.,管盒饭了不起?So,搬砖一上午还好几十呢We can earn more by moving bricks for half a day.,凭什么觉得我们民乐的会去啊?What makes you think us folk music kids would do it?,我去 哪天?几点?穿什么?I'll go! What's the date? Time? Attire?,-对不起… -看着点啊-Sorry. -Watch where you're going!,对不起…So sorry.,她一个民乐的跟来做什么?What's a folk music kid doing here?,翻谱子She's a page-turner.,一会儿我得好好调弦I need to tune properly.,她不张嘴 我都怕被她带跑调了Even if she doesn't open her mouth,我能坐这儿吗?May I sit here?,我琴可贵My violin is worth a fortune.,它贵我贵啊?Is it worth more than me?,它贵It is.,ZHONGSHAN MUSIC HALLIt is.,现在为您献上 《普罗科菲耶夫第二钢琴协奏曲》And now,钢琴演奏 王文with Wen Wang on the piano.,翻谱子Turn the page.,师哥再见See you later,王文师哥Wen Wang!,喂Hey!,干嘛?What are you doing?.
    我喜欢你I like you.,你叫什么来着?What's your name?,我叫陈惊 2011届的 是你师妹My name is Jing Chen. I'm a sophomore.,我师妹?You're a year below me?,-你学什么的? -我学扬琴的-What do you study? -Yangqin.,扬琴也算是乐器?That's an instrument?,什么?Huh?,扬琴当然是Of course,我明年就出国了I'm going abroad next year.,国外的学校还得看我的操行分My behavior here affects my standing with the school abroad.,我跟你无怨无仇的 你可别搞我We've never crossed paths before. Please just leave me alone.,师哥Wen Wang!,车快开了 快走吧The bus is leaving. Let's go.,师哥 你今天第二乐章 有情绪调整啊?Your emotional interpretation sounded different on the second movement today.,你听出来了?You noticed?,翻谱子的Hey,怎么还不走啊?车快开了Why are you still here? The bus is leaving.,扬琴What's a yangqin?,扬琴是中国传统击弦的乐器It's a traditional Chinese string instrument,明朝从波斯传入中国introduced to China from Persia,与钢琴同宗It shares the same roots as the piano.,同宗啊Same roots!,我们其实是同门师兄妹啊Theoretically,你都唠叨一下午了You've been grumbling all afternoon.,我还得练琴呢I have to practice.,给我根烟Give me a smoke.,我感情受挫 我要学坏I've suffered a romantic setback. I want to be bad.,一个学音乐的人连扬琴都不知道He's a musician,还嘲笑我?说我土?What gives him the right to mock me and say I'm a bumpkin?,太不公平了It's so unfair.,油渣 有没有励志歌?给我放两首Greaves,要哪种?What kind?,要那种能让我站起来的The kind that will help me get back on my feet,忘掉过去 忘掉耻辱forget the past,带着伤痕重新做人I want to take my scars with me and start anew.,油渣Greaves...,我明白了I understand now.,让开Out of my way.,我要上舞台I'll get on stage.,我要让师哥记住到底什么叫扬琴I'll make sure Wen Wang remembers what a yangqin is!,你要加入校民乐队?You want to join the school's folk music ensemble?,这周的系会你没来吗?Didn't you attend the department meeting this week?,那就是人来了 耳朵在家保养呢So you were there physically,校民乐队已经解散了The ensemble's been disbanded.,还加入乐队干嘛?Why would you want to join?,不过就算不解散Even if it wasn't disbanded,咱们民乐团的质量 也太对不起老祖宗了the quality of our ensemble is embarrassing.,别说上音乐厅了Forget the concert hall,广场舞都不能找他们伴奏it's not even good enough for public square dancers.,要不我们组个乐队?Why don't we start an ensemble?,哄骗几个师弟师妹进来We'll con some younger kids into joining.,WE WANT YOU! YOU! YOU!We'll con some younger kids into joining.,还有一年高考College entrance exams are a year away.,现在再不补 总分够上哪个大学啊?If I don't bust my butt studying now,这是我这个月打工的表演日程This is my performing schedule this month.,不是我自夸 真的比十八线小明星还忙I'm not trying to show off,你少挣点儿吧 我们正青春啊 朋友Don't spend so much time making money. We're in the prime of our youth.,现在就考虑未来If we get caught up planning for the future,就没法儿活在当下了 相信我how can we live in the present? Trust me.,陈惊 你可是咱们系出了名儿的 傻吃愣造选手啊Jing Chen,你说的话 我连标点符号都不敢相信When you speak,我还没说你学的那玩意搞笑呢Hey! I didn't even make fun of your so-called instrument!,你…How dare you!,我想扬帆出海征战I want to set sail into a new world,可是却没有伙伴but I've got no crew.,你还有我啊You have me.,一个打大唐鼓的 一个弹扬琴的A Tang drum percussionist and a yangqin player.,这样的你和我算什么组合?What kind of a band is that?,没有灵魂啊There's no soul.,其实还有最后一招There's one last resort.,说Speak.,没有在补习文化课 也不打工These kids don't study or have part-time jobs.,你难道忘了那个宿舍吗?Have you forgotten about that dormitory?,502宿舍Dorm 502.,全是学民乐的啊They're all folk music students.,她们是学民乐的They may be folk music students,可是我觉得她们不是人类啊but I don't think they're even human.,只能送你到这里了 朋友This is as far as I can accompany you,虽然说她们是我师妹 可是我…They may be freshmen,别太害怕 她们就是比较迷Don't be afraid,二次元而已啦the second dimension,什么是二次元啊?What does that mean?,二次元专业点说 就是ACGThey love everything ACG.,动画 漫画 游戏Animation,她们只迷这些东西 对其他的都不感兴趣That's all they're into. Nothing else.,你怎么这么了解?How do you know all that?,知识学杂了I'm a learned man.,HUMANS STAY AWAYI'm a learned man.,我从左边抄过去-I'll take them from the left. -Ha!,我断后Get them off from the back.,可以 开始了…OK. here we go...,那个…Excuse me.,I DON'T KNOW YOUExcuse me.,DON'T SPEAK TO MEExcuse me.,她叫樱仔 她讨厌说话That's Sakura. She doesn't like to talk.,你们不讨厌说话吧?You don't hate talking,说话可以减肥Talking can help you lose weight.,坐着说话一小时 可以消耗33.5卡路里的说I hear you can burn 33.5 calories by talking for an hour.,我叫陈惊 比你们大一届 学扬琴的I'm Jing Chen. I'm a sophomore,你们叫…What are your names?,我是贝贝酱I'm Beibei-chan.,我是塔塔酱I'm Tata-chan.......

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