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 - Yo, check this out.- What is that?,- A necklace or something.- Looks like gold.,Hey.Maybe it's here for a reason.,Oh, yeah?What reason, Colt?,I don't know.,This whole place freaks me out.,Well, we are in the middleof a graveyard after all.,Oh, don't startwith your crap, Ehren.,What, you guys never heardof the White Pine slaughter?,- The what?- The White Pine slaughter.,I thought that wasthe whole reason we were here.,Ehren, we're not in the moodfor your shit today.,Fine. Whatever. I'm leaving.,Yeah.Seriously, though, he's right.,We should probably get back.,Yeah. I figure we got,like, 20 minutes,before Brodie claimsall the girls for herself.,Right. 'Cause you'd berolling in it,if she wasn't there, right?,Hey, those girls fromthe gas station,seemed pretty into me.,They were not flirting.They were terrified.,Hey, Troy, you coming?,Yeah.,You want to be tough?,You got 15 seconds beforeI come back with the sheriff.,Chuck!,Jesus Christ.,Got no patience for a manto pinch off a piece?,Tough shit, Chuck.,I think that's what I wasjust trying to do.,I told you what would happenthe next time I found,one of your fuckinganimal traps in that park.,I've never seen thosebefore in my life.,When you first moved here,I said,,"You know,I'm gonna be neighborly,,give you the benefitof the doubt.",But you are fuckingtesting me, boy!,Jesus, man.You got to lighten up.,Come on inside.,Take a load off.,I'll buy you a beer.,There are peoplein the park, Chuck.,Got college kidsjust coming for the weekend.,If they step in one of these,then what?,I gotta go.,So I go back there, I'm notgonna find any more of these.,You go in that fucking barn,,you might not findyour way out again, boy.,Are you threateningan officer of the law, Chuck?,Don't play tough with me, Ranger.,Your authority ends right thereat them trees.,I'm not gonna ask you again.You stay out of that park.,Or one of these days,you're gonna find something,that's gonna walk.right through your traps.,And trust me, you don't wantto find that out.,That's a threat.,Are you threatening me?,- Stay out of the park.- I know my rights, Ranger.,You step one footon this property again,and all my rifleswill blow you a kiss goodbye.,If I see you in the park again, Chuck,,I'm coming backwith the sheriff.,Oh, yeah. That's what you need,you coward.,Another man to doyour dirty work.,Get the fuck out of here!,Take out the trashwhile you're at it.,Soft cock, motherfucker.,Lane reduction to continueinto the afternoon.,Those who need to travelalong Highway 427,west of Kennedale areencouraged to find a detour.,Today marks the 135th day,since North Fort Steeland Milford Haven,has closed its doors.,And John Gibbs,president of UVS107,,is appealing to MayorJoe Mancini for help.,Gibbs met with the mayorlast night,to discuss the possibilityof utilizing,the city'sEmergency Measures Act,to provide relieffor the hundreds,of laid-off steelworkersin the community.,Gibbs says...,This was your mother's, John.,I want you to have it.,That way, it will always bewith you no matter what happens.,You'll always beour little boy, John.,The school boardhas announced their plans,to amalgamate theirintermediate secondary school,into the newly designated...,...over the last 10 years hasmade the continued operation,of both buildings feasible.,The new school is scheduledto open this fall.,In sports, it looks likethe Milford Haven Rangers,will once again concludea hard-fought season in defeat.,Coming up...,You son of a bitch.,I told you what would happenif you came back here.,You were gonna make mefucking do this,.
    you stupid son of--,What the fuck?!,What do you want?,Say something!,I didn't do anything to you.,Get away!,Get away!Leave me alone!,Help me!,Oh! Jesus Christ!,Oh, no!,No!,What do you want?!Fuck.,No!,No.,Don't fucking touch me.,I didn't do anything to you.,I did nothing to you.,No.,Get away from me!,I didn't do anything to you!,No!,It happenedat Townline Storage,at approximately2:15 last evening.,Thieves making offwith various pieces,of medical equipmentbeing stored at that facility,from PortlockGeneral Hospital.,Anyone with information on thisor any other incident,are encouraged to call,the Kennedale PoliceDepartment's tip line,at 248-3245,or through e-mail at tipsat kennedalepd.com.,Good news for campers,and outdoor adventurersthis weekend.,- Oh!- What?,Crazy.,Which one? In there?,Yeah.,- Jesus Christ.- Yeah!,Okay, you two. We get it.Your dicks are fucking huge,,and you're not compensatingfor anything.,You don't get shit, baby.But keep it up.,You'll get it later.,What, are you hiding,a wedding ring somewhereor something?,Yes.,It's behind my zipper.,Wow. My boyfriend,ladies and gentlemen.,You can't help but think that'shis actual wedding proposal.,Nothing but the bestfor my girl!,Wait.When you said behind my zippers,,does that mean the ringis on your dick?,As in your dickis the size of Kris's finger?,Yeah, like,sometimes it gets that big.,Oh!,Shit.,Yeah.My girl's pretty funny.,Isn't she, Colt?,You're a lucky man, Troy.,Hey, can I get that lighteroff you, bud?,Yeah.,Smoked a bug.,- You good?- Yeah, I'm good.,Cough it up.,Hey, what were youtalking about earlier?,- What was that?- The slaughter thing.,Oh, the White Pine slaughter?,Wait, wait. A slaughter?Like a murder?,Yeah. My uncle usedto live around here.,He told me the whole thing.,All the locals know about it,but they'll never talk about it.,Come on, then, Soft Serve.What's the story?,Well, my uncle saidit all started,with this slow kid named Johnny.,A slow kid.What does that mean?,You know. Slow.,So what?The kid didn't win a race,and then a slaughter happened?I don't get it.,He was mentally hindered.,No. Hindered doesn'tsound right.,It sounds like there'sanother word maybe for that.,You know what the wordis, asshole.,- Why don't you just say it?- No, don't say it.,Aurora is filming you.- Oh.,Oh, so you're gonnacancel me. Cool.,Okay. Cancel culturedoesn't exist,,you fucking ableist.,Cancel culture does exist,because I'm cancelingstorytime, you fucks.,- Oh, my God.- Fuck off, Ehren.,Just tell usthe goddamn story.,You guys really wantto hear it?,Come on,tell the fucking story.,- Are you sure?- Yes! Tell the fucking story!,Alright.Buckle up.,So, like, 70 years ago,,everywhere, 100 milesin every direction,was leased outby this logging company.,And everything was waymore remote back then.,So they would set upshops in the camp,and sell shit like razorsand soap to the loggers,,but they would jack upthe prices like a motherfucker.,Johnny's dad was the guythat ran these stores......

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