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 小心Mind out.,前进Move!,看 西墙上Look, on the west wall!,到墓窖里去Get down to the crypt!,抬住Just hold.,我们会抓住他We'll take him.,- 快 帮他们 - 是 小姐- Come on, help the lads! -Yes, my lady.,快 快 把它们放好Quickly, now! Quickly! Get those in position.,- 快 - 关闭城门- Come on. - Close the gate!,就是这That's it.,要命 你磨蹭什么呢Oh, for fuck's sake. You took your time.,你会讲他们的语言吗Do you speak their tongue?,让他们举起剑Tell them to lift their swords.,凡人皆有一死Valar morghulis.,凡人必须侍奉Valar dohaeris.,打开城门Open the gate!,打开城门Open the gate!,打开城门Open the gate!,快快Come. Come on.,放松Easy.,戴佛斯爵士 你没有必要处决我There's no need to execute me, Ser Davos.,我见不到黎明的曙光了I'll be dead before the dawn.,夜王要来了The Night King is coming.,亡者大军已经到了The dead are already here.,坚守阵地Stand your ground!,到墓窖去Get down to the crypt.,我绝不背弃我的子民I'm not abandoning my people.,拿上这个去Take this and go.,我不知道该怎么用I don't know how to use it.,用尖的那头刺Stick them with the pointy end.,艾迪Edd!,艾迪Edd!,山姆 站起来Sam, get up!,哦 要命 山姆Oh, God. Sam.,艾迪Edd!,撤退 撤退Fall back! Fall back!,撤退Fall back!,快走Come on!,打开城门Open the gate!,打开城门Open the gate!,放我们进城Let us in!,打开城门Open the gate!,打开城门Open the gate!,别停下Keep moving!,快Come on!,- 别停下 快跑 - 各就各位- Keep moving, fast.-To your posts.,- 上 - 继续前进- Go! - Keep moving!,快 往前跑Come on, run!,别停下来Keep moving!,丹妮Dany!,拿起武器Grab your weapon now!,守住尖桩Guard the barricades!,从豁口出去Through that pass!,填补缺口Close up the gaps!,快跑 快跑Go! Hey! Go! Go!,进城 进城Get in! Get in!,进城 快啊Get in! Come on!,前进Move!,快Come on!,- 快 - 快- Come on! - Come on!,保卫城门Protect the gate!,保卫城门Protect the gate!,敌人来了 快They're coming! Come on!,撤退Fall back!,点燃壕沟Light the trench!,点燃壕沟Light the trench!,- 等等 - 点燃壕沟- Wait! - Light the trench!,她看不到我们She can't see us.,点燃壕沟Light the trenches!,用火把点燃战壕With a torch, light the trenches!,- 就是这 - 点燃- Right there. -Torch it!,点燃战壕Light the trenches!,克里冈Clegane.,你不要自寻烦扰You must try not to worry yourself.,至少我们身在墓窖At least we're already in a crypt.,如果我们在地上面If we were up there,,我们可能会发现他人错过之事we might see something everyone else is missing.,能够决定战局的细节Something that makes a difference.,什么What?,还记得黑水河之战吗Remember the Battle of Blackwater?,我带兵杀出烂泥门I brought us through the Mud Gate.,结果脸被切成了两半And got your face cut in half.,扭转了战局And it made a difference.,如果我现在出去If I was out there right now...,你必死无疑You'd die.,你什么也做不了There's nothing you can do.,我为了避免加入死人军团愿意费的心思You might be surprised at the lengths I'd go,绝对出乎你的想象to avoid joining the Army of the Dead.,那恐怕是我能想到的最不适合我供职的组织I could think of no organization less suited to my talents.,俏皮话无益于战事Witty remarks won't make a difference.,这就是为什么我们都在这里 我们谁都做不了什么That's why we're down here, none of us can do anything.,事实如此It's the truth.,我们能做的最英勇的事就是It's the most heroic thing we can do now...,直面事实look the truth in the face.,也许我们应该持续这段婚姻Maybe we should have stayed married.,你算是矮子里面拔将军了You were the best of them.,多么可怕的想法啊What a terrifying thought.,我们俩肯定过不下去It wouldn't work between us.。
    为什么不行Why not?,因为龙后The Dragon Queen.,你不能同时忠于两方Your divided loyalties would become a problem.,是的Yes.,如果没有了龙后 那就没有问题了Without the Dragon Queen, there'd be no problem at all.,我们也早就死了We'd all be dead already.,他们点燃战壕了They lit the trench.,布兰Bran...,我只是想你知道I just want you to know...,我希望I wish,我曾经做过的一切The things I did,你所做的一切让你走到今天这一步Everything you did brought you where you are now.,来到了你的归宿Where you belong.,家Home.,我要走了I'm going to go now.,去哪Go where?,守住城墙Man the walls!,上城墙Man the walls!,上城墙Man the wall!,上城墙Man the walls!,快点Come on!,离开那 动起来Get out there! Get moving!,快点 快点 快点Come on. Come on! Come on!,快快快Go, go, go!,快点Come on!,他们在爬城墙They're against the wall!,多叫些人来这Get more men up here!,快点把空缺堵上 进来Fill the gaps, quickly! Get in there!,他们在往墙上爬They're climbing the walls!,- 把弓箭手换上来 - 弓箭手换上来- Relieve the archers! - Relieve the archers!,弓箭手上来Archers on top!,- 过来 - 快 来这- Move up! - Go, go! Come here!,- 快点 - 退回去- Come on! - Move back!,- 站开点 - 快点 快点 快- Stand away! - Go on, go on. Go! Go.,- 后退 - 排过去 弓箭手- Step back. - All the way, archers!,守住城墙Hold the wall!,城墙 他们上来了The wall, they're coming up!,- 守住城墙 - 守住城墙- Hold the wall! - Hold the wall!,拔剑Draw!,快点Come on!,他们上来了They're coming up!,小心Look out!,克里冈Clegane!,克里冈Clegane!,克里冈Clegane!,克里冈 我们需要你Clegane, we need you!,不要放弃You can't give up on us.,滚开 我们打不赢他们Fuck off! We can't beat them.,你看不出来吗 你个蠢驴Don't you see that, you stupid whore?,我们在和死人战斗We're fighting Death!,他们没办法打败死人They can't beat Death.,你去跟她说Tell her that.,开门Open the door!,开门Open the door!,- 快点 - 打开门- Come on! - Open the door!,打开大门Open the door!,求你了Please!,打开啊Open it!,快点 走Come on! Go!,- 快点 - 跑- Come on! - Run!,我们得走了We've gotta go!,光之王把他救回来是有原因的The Lord brought him back for a purpose.,现在他完成了使命Now that purpose has been served.,我认识你I know you.,我也认识你And I know you.,你说过我们会再碰面的You said we'd meet again.,我们这就碰面了And here we are.,在世界毁灭的边缘At the end of the world.,你说我会让许多人瞑目而逝You said I'd shut many eyes forever.,这你也没说错You were right about that too.,有棕眼睛Brown eyes...,绿眼睛green eyes...,蓝眼睛and blue eyes.,我们该怎样答复死神What do we say to the God of Death?,时候未到Not today.,他们来了Here they come!,搭箭 伙计们Steady, lads.,瞄准Steady now.,别射偏了Make every shot count.,在那边Over there!,那There!,下去Get off.,龙焰Dracarys.,过来 快来Come on! Come on!,不 不 不 不No! No, no, no!,- 布兰 - 去- Bran! - Go!,乔拉Jorah!,席恩Theon.,你是个好人You're a good man.,谢谢你Thank you.,我受伤了I'm hurt.,我们赢得了这场伟大的胜利We have won the Great War.,让我们来终结这场战争Now, we will win the last war.,我们要把她斩草除根We'll rip her out root and stem.,小心Mind out!,快走Move.,我们为这一幕铺垫了很长时间We've been building towards this for so long now.,回想第一集的You think back to the very beginning,一开始of the very first episode,,在异鬼游荡的长城之外and it's beyond the Wall where the White Walkers are stalking.,有一队游骑兵They're a group of rangers.,这便是整部剧其中一个关键情节So, this is the culmination of one of the key storylines......